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  1. Thank you, I realize I came off a bit tough. But I just think a development phase update every three months wouldn't be too much to ask- even if that is no progress.
  2. Daryl, it's been almost a year since you made an official announcement- that announcement being pretty redundant. I think that maybe you should hire a PR guy. A PR foundation is important in keeping the interest of customers. Keeping us in the dark is NOT how you run a company. You want to get tons of people interested in your product, you talk about it! Now, I realize that you are not able to hire such a person, but you - or someone else - need to take this role. Just tell us what development phase your in, post an exterior or virtual cockpit pic...anything! You come in here making it seem as if one line of code is written a day. And I know you don't mean this, and I know we don't pay you...but we're your customers. And with the FS market wanting to be treated like any other market, we want some info. Sorry...that's just how you run a business in my opinion (unless you were a prestigious law firm).
  3. Boeing: Saab 340B (favorite aircraft) E-175E-145737-500737-700737-800757-200757-300777-200L-10-11
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