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Even Alaska has fire!

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It is terrible. I heard someone from the US Forestry Department saying that all these fires are due to 50 years of stopping all fires, and therefore too much deadwood has built up, making excellent burn conditions

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If we would just let nature take it's course and let things burn, these devastating fires that seem to have become so prevalent in the past several years, would never occur. Instead, smaller fires would do nothing but good for our ecosystem. Wildfires are simply a part of nature and have occured for as long as there have been forrests to burn. The fires serve to help keep animal and plant populations in check, as well as to promote the growth of some species of plant life that would not be able to survive without the effects of the fires. Unfortunately there is such a public outcry for us to fight these fires in an effort to save property and landmarks. This is a problem we have brought upon ourselves and we have the power to mimize the devastation (in the long run...obviously the problem cannot be solved overnight)-Rob

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