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odd flight

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Well, a fortnight ago, I flew for the first time on a Boeing 737-200 ( very old) from Manchester[EGCC] to Almeria[LEAM]. True story... Flight EAF344..... We were only 30mins behind schedule and the plane taxied to runway 6L, and applied the required thrust for takeoff. Then the throttle went to idle..... then takeoff power, then idle. People were swearing from all directions, and the pilot vacated the runway. "This is your captain speaking, we have a configuration warning..... a little beep in the c ockpit." That was due to the speedbrake not been fully in its detent position. Anyway, we took off successfully and was approaching Almeria airport. "This is your captain speaking..... ATC are telling us that a plane has messed his brakes up on the landing and is stuck on the runway." Anyway we had to go around and fly a holding pattern. "Ladies and gentlemen, you will be pleased to know we have enough fuel to do this for 2 and a half hours, but if it is going to be any more than 20 minutes I will get the tractor and push the plane of the runway myself......" (yes he had a sense of humour, but I guess pilots have to...). We landed fine and the pilot vacated runway 26. "Ladies and gentlemen, I haven't had to do a go around for 5 years, and a rejected takeoff in nearly you had them both in the same flight........hope you enjoyed your flight." Flight EAF345... (not quite as comical but still entertaining)... The plane was late and caused a 1hr40min delay. We boarded the aircraft finally at Almeria airport for our return journey to Manchester. When we reached our cruise altitude of FL340, the chief stewardess said "ladies and gentlemen, we were expecting less passengers than we have, so we are 21 hot meals short. The catering company has put together 21 ham sandwiches and a packet of crisps so if anyone would like to have this instead of the cottage pie please press your cabin crew call button now." Anyway, the WHOLE plane lit up with cabin call buttons LOL, and the stewardess said "oh, the whole plane". Later on the stweardess had to make an apology and said "ladies and gentlemen, sorry for the disappointment but we have run out of ham sandwiches". So all in all very comical flights... lol.

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Sound to me that you got your terror and elation all in one day's flights!!

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