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Help needed with custon FS flight plan

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Hi,This is the first time I have tried to edit an FS flight plan and I haven't got very far. The help with FS isn't very good and I'm now stuck. I have tried to edit a flight plan from EGLL to KJFK for Concorde. I used the flight planner to get all the waypoints I could and then I edited the plan to add the atlantic tracks, but it doesn't work. Please see below;title=EGLL to KJFKdescription=EGLL, KJFKtype=IFRroutetype=1cruising_altitude=60000departure_id=EGLL, N51* 27.90', W0* 26.09', +000080.00departure_position=27Ldestination_id=KJFK, N40* 38.90', W73* 45.90', +000013.00departure_name=Heathrowdestination_name=Kennedy Intlwaypoint.0=EGLL, A, N51* 27.90', W0* 26.09', +000080.00, waypoint.1=D262K, I, N51* 26.88', W0* 45.19', +000000.00, waypoint.2=WOD, N, N51* 27.17', W0* 52.73', +000148.00, waypoint.3=CPT, V, N51* 29.50', W1* 13.18', +000498.00, waypoint.4=5120N, I, N51* 20.00', W3* 40.0', +000000.00, waypoint.5=MERLY, I, N51* 20.00', W5* 00.0', +000000.00, waypoint.6=LESLU, I, N51* 00.00', W8* 00.0', +000000.00,waypoint.7=5041N, I, N50* 41.00', w15* 00.0', +000000.00,waypoint.8=5050N, I, N50* 50.00', W20* 00.0', +000000.00,waypoint.9=5030N, I, N50* 30.00', W30* 00.0', +000000.00,waypoint.10=4916N, I, N49* 16.00', W40* 00.0', +000000.00,waypoint.11=4703N, I, N47* 03.00', W50* 00.0', +000000.00,waypoint.12=4610N, I, N46* 10.00', W53* 00.0', +000000.00,waypoint.13=4414N, I, N44* 14.00', W60* 00.0', +000000.00,waypoint.14=4246N, I, N42* 46.00', W65* 00.0', +000000.00,waypoint.15=4200N, I, N42* 00.00', W67* 00.0', +000000.00,waypoint.16=4024N, I, N40* 24.00', W70* 01.0', +000000.00,waypoint.17=LINND, I, N39* 24.59', W71* 42.63', +000000.00,wayponit.18=3920N, I, N39* 20.00', W72* 00.0', +000000.00, waypoint.19=OWENZ, I, N39* 49.40', W72* 49.83', +000000.00, waypoint.20=CAMRN, I, N40* 1.04', W73* 51.66', +000000.00, waypoint.21=KJFK, A, N40* 38.90', W73* 45.90', +000013.00, For some strange reason, if I remove any custom waypoints before 5041N and after 4610N it will load in the flight planner. When I put them back it doesn't load. If somebody out there can help then I would be very grateful.

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