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  1. Full working A380 with BTV that works with any default or 3rd party airport
  2. I haven't tried with DL off to be honest. These are my current test settings: FXAA - On AA - 8xMSAA Anisotropic - 16x Texture - Ultra Res - 1920x1080 Vsync - On Triple Buffering - On TERRAIN Radius - Ultra Tessellation - High Mesh - 2m Texture Res - 30cm High res - On SCENERY Complexity - extreme Autogen distance - high Autogen veg - dense Autogen building - dense dynamic veg - on WATER detail - medium reflections - clouds, user vehicle EFFECTS detail - high distance - high LIGHTING HDR - on Dynamic reflections - off dynamic lighting - on lights illuminate ground - on lens flare - off SHADOWS quality - medium distance - low cast/receive - internal/external vehicle WEATHER cloud distance - 110mi coverage - max detailed clouds volumetric fog detailed precipitation I'm using UK2000 EGLL, Active sky for P3D v4 and the PMDG 777 and 747 for testing the best set up. With the above my average is 45fps and rarely drops below 28fps. I know all systems are different, but this is what works for me.
  3. I have the same card. As suggested above, I dropped from 8xSSAA to 8xMSAA and the problem went away. I get around 45fps with sliders between mid and max.
  4. I remember purchasing those products for Fly! The 757/767 and the 777, they were so advanced for that era. I've purchased every PMDG product ever since (I use P3D and X-plane). PMDG never ceases to amaze me Matt Rich
  5. Has anyone got this working in v3.3.5? I have major stutters every 1-2 seconds in any aircraft, including on the start page. Only uninstalling the 767 clears the problem.
  6. I'll be sure to use that I didn't think it would be the 777. By the way, good work by the PMDG team again regarding the DC6. Loving that on XP10
  7. You think maybe more Nvidia? Maybe I'll have to try an older driver. In the event log it always shows a different module that's caused the crash, which is why I didn't necessarily think it may have been the display driver.
  8. Hi Kyle, I have posted in the LM forum, only posted here incase others have had a similar issue and it's not P3D that's the problem.
  9. Hi all, I'm posting here as I'm hoping those that do long haul flights may have had something similar to what I'm experiencing. During long flights I switch off my monitor, which I've done for years without issues, but now when I switch it back on, P3D crashes. About 6 weeks ago I upgraded (completely clean install) to Win 10 Pro 64 and did a clean install of P3D v3.3.5 when it was released. I currently only have a few add-ons installed while I configure my set up. I've been doing some long hauls to ensure I have no memory or scenery issues and this is where the problem is. I've been using the PMDG 777 for the flights and using either an add-on scenery or default and also with/without AS Next. When I switch the monitor back on the screen is black and as soon as I hit the keyboard or click the mouse the sim crashes. As I say, I've never had this issue under Win 7 or MSFS / P3D up to v3.2. I still have more testing to do with different aircraft, but is this a Win 10 issue, Nvidia driver or something else?
  10. Hi Word Not Allowed, somebody has just suggested that to me. My card is the 800XT and I always had it on, but somehow one the updates must have altered something. I have now switched it off and all is back to normal.Thanks for you help
  11. Hi all,On Sunday, my computer decided to run a windows update. Not sure how this happened as I always have if off so that I can select what I want. It was only at shutdown that I saw the
  12. I would like to see everything we cant have yet, just to raise the bar a little ;)
  13. Sorry if this has already been covered since the current patch information was released, but will ADF2 be fixed?
  14. Hi,Panel looks superb!!!Just wondering if any part of the small engineers panel behind the F/O will be modelled, such as squibs (needed for apu start up) or the switches to view the various pages of the ECAM screen?
  15. I had the same problem the other day at SLLP. The takeoff and landing altitude switch did nothing and the cabin altitude remained in the red. Not sure if this is an error or if there is a procedure to correctly set the cabin altitude at these heights.Appart from this and the stuttering FPS/gauge issue, its a great aircraft to fly.
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