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ground scenery glitch

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hello, i was told to come here because i am hoping to get better answers in the scenery section.i currently have ground environment professional for fs9, but i do not think that its a possibility for the problem i have with my ground scenery. 1st pic: then flying over croatia enroute to Istanbul, i noticed something weird, one side of the area is covered in snow and the other is just fine. and there seems to a straight line separating it. note: this snow covered area extends all of the way to germany. 2nd pic, while flying over amsterdam, the shoreline is blocky and square like. it also seems as if the terrain was "extended"?3rd pic: to show coordiantes of amsterdam scenery4th pic: showing how half of europe is covered in "snow and ice"5th pic: showing the "straight line" across europeany ideas as to what is wrong? perhaps its the fs9.cfg?

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