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  1. Recently I went from the HDD to an SSD and the performance is great. I also moved FSX to the 128GB ssd as well so that it loads faster. I would like to know how to fix errors that pop up everytime I start FSX that do with add on scenery not being in the scenery.cfg. I get a message like this: Local scenery directory (G:\Games\FS10\...\FlyTampa) in scenery area.129 not found. I looked at the scenery.cfg multiple times and did not find that entry. Please bear in mind that I get this error for the following sceneries: -Fly Tampa Athens -Maldives X -Fly Tampa St Maarten -Fly Tampa Dubai Rebooted My other add on sceneries like Heathrow X or Frankfurt etc are all ok.
  2. Nevermind, I found my solution. What I did was to go to where the FSX folder was and set the permissions for that folder so that I, the user have full control/rights of FSX. Then I started and made a flightplan, no crash. :lol:
  3. Recently made the move from FS9 to FSX I wanted to just to test out a few things. I wanted to create an IFR flightplan on FSX, after everything is done and saved, everything stops and crashes. I have deleted my fsx.cfg a couple times and restarted fsx to let it rebuild the cfg file but nothing has changed. Any solutions to this?
  4. The people have spoken unanimously. 77L has a small fraction of operation(s) compared to the -200ER model. Only Emirates, Qatar, ACA, Delta, Air India, and PIA operate that model. Don;t know if the 200LR model gets the same type rating as the -200ER series but like everyone said before, the 200ER will get used a lot esp. on VATSIM or virtual airline flying such as Virtual BA. If that has not convinced PMDG in the future then...
  5. Thanks for the feedback. My FSX settings are not on ultra anyway, my weather settings are pretty high but nonetheless my CPU can handle it. If I can just push it to 3.7Ghz it should get more out of it. One question: does AI affect FPS? I use World of AI on FS9 and it did not affect performance, not so sure on FSX but I will use World of AI as well.
  6. I would like to know before I upgrade my video card, how does the GTX 560SE model do in terms of FSX and my Phenom II X4 @ 3.6 Ghz? My current ATI card is wearing out and cannot handle FSX very well and keeps overheating. My lowest constant FPS I recorded is when I load aerosoft Madrid scenery, my average is 3 FPS. I am also planning of putting FSX on an SSD but thats another subject. I ask specifically for this Nvidia card because the 550Ti is on the weaker end of things and the GTX 560 is a little over my max budget and I do not want to stay with AMD/ATI. Reason is, that Nvidia seems to be choice card for FSX over AMD, so I am not willing to take chances. http://www.newegg.co...N82E16814500241 Cheers.
  7. I tried it not so long ago. Its still full of bugs, errors, CTD's. Its on v1.3 now but things have been passively silent at their forums. I fly with FSX now, waiting for a near perfect airbus model(s) to be finished. There you have it. Back to the topic of 777 now.
  8. Absolutely. Anything with "beta" is to be avoided, esp. flight sim models. Airsimmer A320 is a perfect example of beta gone wrong.
  9. That's a shame. I'm glad the 77W is getting released but I fly the -200ER frequently, I have never flown the -200LR. If the -200ER is not coming out for at least a year, is the Captainsim 777-200ER any good? I know I'm not supposed to talk about other developer aircraft or mention them but most of Virtual BA long haul routes are done by the -200ER model.
  10. In my opinion, of course I want the 777-200ER. It is used by British Airways and Virtual BA, not to mention so many other virtual/real world airlines. I don't know which models PMDG is going to release first, but I would be happy if the 777-200ER and 777-300ER were released and then the -200LR as an extension.
  11. Ok, then it looks like it is worth investing in an SSD, what do you think of this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227812 Also, I want to ask if going to a GTX 550 Ti can smooth things out on FSX as well?
  12. From what I have read so far, SSD's help a lot with stutters in FSX. I want to know why that is though? Yes it loads things faster but should only the OS and FSX be installed on the SSD or can add-ons like aircraft and sceneries go on there as well?
  13. I was going to ask the same question on this forum concerning SSD's. Having never owned one before, I want to look into one as I am currently suffering from constant stutters, since the whole limited writes issue is no that big of a deal. Currently I have two HDD drives, one is C:\ and the other is G:\. My FSX is installed on G:\ which has more space but nonetheless I get stutters. I am planning on upgrading my video card to a GTX 550 Ti but I do not know whether that will be enough for more FPS. And yes, I do understand that SSD's increase loading times but not FPS.
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