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Fritz Bayerlein

Saitek X52 Pro PS/2 port bad on throttle

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Hello guys,I am having trouble with my X52 Pro PS/2 port on the throttle side. There appears to be something wrong with it internally because unless I hold the cable at a certain angle and apply a certain amount of force, the computer does not recognize signals from the stick end. It will light up the LEDs on the stick, but will not read any button presses or axis movements. I have already replaced the cable but that has not solved the problem.I took the base of the throttle off to check the printed circuit board attached to the PS/2 port on the throttle. All the wires *appear* to be securely soldered and don't appear to be touching one another. At this point I am going to say there is a loose pin inside the actual PS/2 port or something, and I doubt I can fix that. What I would like to know if someone has a junked X52Pro that they can cannibalize the PS/2 port from and sell it to me? If not, does anyone know where I can get one of these? Thanks!

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