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WorldFlight Charity 2010

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In the first week of November, 2010. WorldFlight Australia ran it's 10th Anniversary event. The Qantas 25 (B747-400) simulator in Chipping Norton, Sydney, NSW Australia, alongside the Bluey 737 (B737-800) simulator at Belerive, Hobart, Tasmania and others around the world flew a round-the-world trip in their simulators via the Virtual Online Air Traffic Simulation Network "Vatsim". Flight simulator enthusiasts crewed the simulators around the clock, donating to and raising money for the Royal Flying Doctors WorldFlight Charity.During the week I visited both Australian Simulators in person, flying first to Hobart, then to Sydney. The 2 cities are 564nm apart.Thus for me, the WorldFlight week was a heady mix of Full-sized Flight Simulators with high-fidelity wraparound visual systems, Vatsim, and Real Life travel.This is part 1 of that journey.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhhaqNhtCtQ

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