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DA Fokker Steering problem

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Hello,have spent the last 5 hours learning this bird, and have run into a problem, I cant steer the thing!It has a permanent deflection of -26 degrees to the left (as seen in the FMC maint. section) which means all i do is go around in left hand circles!Besides pissing me off, the pax are getting dizzy.I have assigned "centre rudder and aileron control" in FSUIPC button assignments as well as rudder steering, and they do work but when i press them it just immediately sets itself back to the permanent left deflection.For what its worth, and this may have bearing on the problem, all other aircraft i fly within the sim, be it payware or freeware, start off the taxi with this deflection to the left but as soon as i hit the "centre rudder and aileron control" button the aircraft steers straight ahead, EXCEPT for the DA Fokker.By the way, im using the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and Throttle.Thanks ,Andy

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