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Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association invites the airline community to attend an Emergency Rally to Defend the RIGHTS of AIRLINE Technicians and Related personnelWHY we should support the airline craftman's struggle: The FAA published the "new Federal Air Regulation Part 145, effective April 16, 2003, which will continue to allow American aircraft to be maintained outside of the USA by foreign countries. Consequently FAR 145 has decreased American Craftsman jobs substantially over the years.We ARE skilled and federally certified aviation technicians taking pride in our profession but losing jobs to foreign maintenance bases at an unprecedented rate since the events of 9/11.Adding insult to injury: Congess is spending billions of taxpayers' dollars to resurrect U.S. air carriers, allowing our money to be spent overseas to the detriment of the American worker.Slipshod Work: Work from these overseas maintenance bases arrives back in the U.S. with safety of flight issues that are discovered by and corrected by our technicians before the airplane is safe to fly again.Ninety-one percent of aviation technicians recently surveyed feel that safety is being compromised by the air carriers sending work to a Third-Party Maintenance Provider (part145 repair station).Sixty percent commented that they personally have discovered safety-of -flight maintenance discrepencies on aircraft shortly after being released from a Part 145 repair station.Allowing foreign countries to work on our aircraft may cause a dangerous situation as foreign repair stations follow different regulations than our domestic facilities, opening the door to safety and security issues.1. Are the people working on U.S. aircraft qualified and licensed as we are in the USA?2. What type of security checks are required to prevent terrorists from working on aircraft.3. What is their aircraft experience on U.S. aircraft? Do they have a federal license to work on our aircraft? What type of surveillance or monitoring does the FAA accomplish in these countries?4. Are foreign workers who perform maintenance on our aircraft subject to loss of license, fines, and prison sentences if they fail to perform their jobs properly or cause an accident?* We are all skilled technicians who are the unsung heroes of safety acting as the last line of defense, holding more lives in our hands on a daily basis than anyone on this planet.* We are subject to fines, suspension of licenses, loss of our jobs, and the threat of prison if we make an error.* Although we don't receive the compensation or the recognition, we are dedicated individuals, proud or our profession, fully accepting the responsibility of enhancing the safety of flight by assuring the flying public of an airworth aircraft.Many are furloughedand possible more to follow. This is the time we ALL must do something to protect our jobs, families and our profession. We ALL need to unite and show that our industry needs to be changed and work has to be brought back to the United States Of America. Sitting back and thinking others are presenting and negoting this issue to CEO's and Congress and feeling you can't do anything is wrong. We ALL have to unite and come together and rally to support our profession and jobs.One day is being asked to show this support. Imagine if 5000 or more aircrat technicians and all related personnel would support this and many other issues. the public needs to know by us all what is being done. Please show your support by attending this RallySeptember 20, 20029:00 am to 12:00 NoonWest front lawn -US CapitalPennsylvania Ave. and First St. SWand U.S. Depratment of Transportation400 Seventh St. SW

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