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Bert Pieke

Preventing the wheels from locking when braking

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Thanks go to Bernt Stolle who first came up with this clever tip.The standard, and most add-on GA aircraft have an annoying habit of locking the wheels when braking.This looks silly when watched from the outside view..It turns out that the anti-skid function which is selectable on most airliners also works on GA planes.Two ways of enabling:1. Set a key in the Controls panel of FSX to correspond to Brake Anti Skid toggle and use this key2. Add a little XML gauge to your favorite aircraft that sets the Anti Skid function when the aircraft is loadedHere is a gauge that will do just that:

<Gauge Name="Anti_skid" Version="1.0"><!-- Turn on Anti-skid -->   <Element>      <Select>       <Value>           (L:AntiSkidInit,bool) 1 != if{              (A:ANTISKID BRAKES ACTIVE,bool) 1 != if{ 0 (>K:ANTISKID_BRAKES_TOGGLE) }                1 (>L:AntiSkidInit,bool)                             }            </Value>           </Select>    </Element></Gauge>


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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