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1900 C

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Hello.. I recenlty purchased the 1900 C, installed it in FS9 and then followed the directions to move it to FSX. I think that I got it there OK.. but am wondering... because of the below... When going to select aircraft in FSX, it doesn't show up as it should, but rather at the end of the options in a number of unknown aircraft icons. I can click on it and it seems to load OK, but I am wondering if this is normal or did I do something wrong. The only confusion I had with the directions was where I was modifying the aircraft config files. What I did is to copy the three lines from the website, place my icon directly over the line reading ui_manu (etc) and then I clicked paste. Then I saved the file. Was this correct? I also have two other questions...1. Will the liveries work in FSX, or should I just use the PMDG liveries?2. The only manual that I can find is one 16 page PDF file in the program files.. It has some information, but not the usual PMDG documentation with other products. For example, I can't seem to find anything about a cold dark start, or a tutorial. Just wondering if I should be looking in someother place? Or is this all there is? Either way, it looks to be a very good addition.Thanks.Bob

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