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SSW Airbus Autopilot Question

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Hello,Is anyone flying, or trying to learn to fly, the SSW Airbus sim?Hello anew - with more needs!!!I'm moving along but having a real problem getting the CDU modes to "behave". I'm not sure if the problems are my bad CDU programming or bugs. With the help of others, I have learned to fly the SSW bus in a partial "auto" setup - CDU set up for LNAV functions like waypoints. I am manually controlling altitude and speed with functions other than PROFILE. I think that I am setting up the CDU OK at the waypoints but when I engage it after takeoff, the altitude constantly increases - plane climbs until I set an altitude and set the Autopilot to get to it - and the speed is only controlled by the Auto Throttle that I am controlling.I'll bet that it is something that I am doing or not doing but I'm lost here! The manuals are the "real thing" and there is no tutorial to lean on.I can set up the PSS CDU and fly it perfectly so I'm not really sure what the problem is other than ME!Thanks,Ron Sagelrjsagel@comcast.net near KCHS

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