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CTD FSX All Conditions

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For those of you experiencing CTDs, do you use time compression? I ask because I have noticed when I use TC, almost every time (except for 2 or 300 mile short trips) I have a CTD. It happens on any of my planes, and it always happens upon descent to my destination airport. But if I have patience and not use TC and use autopilot so I can wander off, I have a perfect flight every time. I have looked for memory issues and find none. FSX will load right back up and fly again with no problem (I presume unless I do a long flight again with TC, which I've never tried). I think if the memory was crapping out, I would see other issues and FSX would have problems reloading, wouldn't it?So I guess for the long flights where I want to use TC, I will use FS9 from now on. Just guessing and watching things closely here.

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