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Performance report - low end system + bragging rights

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Well, here I am after completing the tutorial flight with my brand spanking new NGX. Apart form a slight glitch on first start everything went great. The problem was that while programing the FS Actions part of the tutorial, right at the beginning, FS just froze. I could hear sounds, move my mouse (even tough the cursor wasn't changing). It stayed like that for about 20-30 seconds, and then it came back alive. About a minute later, it happened again, but this time it wasn't coming back up, so i reset my computer. I then placed UIAutomationCore.dll in my FSX folder, and the subsequent flight went smooth. My specs are as following: CPU E7600 OC@3.4GHz, nVidia 9800GT@1Gb, 4Gb RAM, running on Windows7 64bit. I submitted my fsx.cfg on the tuning site specified by PMDG, and the only thing that i had to change to follow PMDG recommendations was to set texture_max_load to 4096. I also followed the Inspector setup recommendations found on the PMDG section of the forum, but i did let AA down to 2x because my system doesn't respond that well to AA, and because i use a rather low resolution (1280x960), things start to get blurry from then on. I also run my graphics settings kinda high, with most sliders on max (if you're interested in specifics, just ask). I added some broken clouds to the default "clear skies" theme. I was getting at least 20 FPS all the way, from takeoff to landing. FPS loss due to mouse cursor was 2-5 FPS. No mesh errors that i could see, no graphic errors, no system errors. Engines spooled up nicely, no autobrakes issues on landing. It is one great bird this one, and PMDG have really done miracles with it. Both hand landing it (which i need to work on - too much float), and taxiing were a joy. Also, using HUGS on landing really does feel like cheating. Now, for bragging rights: I found the pogo stick in the 800WL :(

Cristi Neagu

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