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Radio Minimums and a few FMC questions

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Sorry for the repost but I thought these questions would be better answered here than in the NGX forum. I know the Radio minimums is a confirmed NGX bug, but is there any way to fix it while we wait for an update. Mine was originally at 100, then it went to 9100 and it's now sitting at 27100. I really don't fancy clicking through 27000 to get to 100. I have what is probably a basic question regarding the FMC (I'm still learning). What does UNABLE 250 KTS AT (WAL-18) actually mean. I have entered a flight plan from EGAA RWY 25 to EGGP RWY 09 at a cruising altitude of FL200 as it's only a very short flight. WAL18 is the SLP for Wallasey with a restriction of 250Kts or less below FL140, which I will be. My second question is altitudes and speed. I'm unsure is to which way around the A and B is at the end. If an altitude for example is 4000A does this mean you your limit is 4000ft and above or does it mean 4000ft and below, and am I right in thinking that whatever A is then B is the exact opposite. Also does this same principle apply to speeds.

Trevor Hunt

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1) No, there's no fix that I'm aware of. 2) Without knowing your exact flight plan it's hard to know why it's telling you that. It means exactly what it says though, the plane is unable to do 250 KTS at that waypoint. Could be for any number of reasons. 3) 4000A means your restriction is 4000 feet or above. 4000B means it's 4000 feet or below. Sometimes you'll see something like "2500A 4000B" which is simply a 2500 feet or above and 4000 feet or below restriction at the same waypoint. Yes, the same applies to speeds.

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Not an official fix for why it does it...but if you are loading from a saved panel you can edit this file and change the values for it which will fix it for your next flight, it will fault again at some point if you don't remember to adjust them on first load.



James Carr

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