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A question about the livery ptp files

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Nothing caught my eye when doing a quick search, so I thought I'd ask. Is it safe to rename the ptp files before adding them in the livery manager?The 2-digit letter codes are a bit difficult to keep up with... The motherboard in my fsx machine did a nose dive last night & the new one won't be in for a week, so I'm alleviating the withdrawals by downloading liveries & organizing all the setup files on my backup HD in preparation for an overdue format/reinstall. The OS hard drive has already seen 2 motherboards, 3 cpu's & 2 different video cards, so it's about ready for a fresh start... About the motherboard failure, anybody remember the P67 recall a few months ago? Well mine slipped through. Heard a pop, fizzle, pc shut down, smelled smoke, perpetual restarts... The 6gb sata is fried... I'm sure I could keep running that board with just the 3gb sata, but I dislike the idea of continued use of something with a lingering air of scorched plastic...

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