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  1. To fix this you will need to register at http://support.precisionmanuals.com and open a support ticket
  2. Without a screenshot, I'm going to guess it's the "path doesn't match track" problem & you should run the flight1 registry repair tool.
  3. MrKen

    i5 2500K

    That CPU probably can't be overclocked beyond using the turbo boost. At any rate, overclocking a laptop is almost always a bad idea because of the lack of cooling. We're all using some pretty sizable coolers compared to the stock heat sink.
  4. Register at http://support.precisionmanuals.com & open a ticket. If it were me I'd do some searching on whatever problems you're having. Whenever I have an issue crop up it can usually be fixed without reinstalling anything, that's a last resort in my opinion.
  5. Are you alt+tabbing by chance? Try selecting/deselecting full screen from the menu instead.
  6. You could try reducing vc in the performance manager. It is strange for performance to drop that much, I believe mine stays fairly consistent. Edit: you're not inadvertently selecting vc as a new view are you?
  7. It's possible one of pmdg's dlls isn't loading for some reason. Try renaming fsx.cfg to fsx.txt. That'll force fsx to build a new cfg file. Also (assuming fsx is installed in the default location) try right-clicking fsx & selecting "run as administrator" Edit: also make sure the ngx isn't set as the default aircraft in the "fly now" screen. You don't have to start a flight with another aircraft, but one of the default planes should be preselected. Then just choose the ngx variant you want before starting the flight.
  8. Were you ever prompted to enter the license key?
  9. That's great, I would have hated for a fellow enthusiast to give up on the world's most advanced addon over a hd crash! It's already a big enough pain reinstalling everything without side issues cropping up. And on the bright side, your new installers will already include sp1c so there won't be any need to patch them.
  10. Once you've purchased eds, like your original purchase, the link is only active for 7 days so it wont kick in automatically. You'll need to register at http://support.precisionmanuals.com & open a ticket to request the link be activated. Response time is typically 2-6 hours, almost always less than 24.
  11. You can purchase eds at any time, no need to pay full price. You can also retrieve the license key(s) by logging in to their commerce site & going to your order history. Edit: In the future be sure to archive installers on a DVD, jump drive or portable hard drive. It will prevent this particular problem from happening again.
  12. No biggie, my wife has known that for a long time
  13. For now you can download a temperature monitoring program that should let you see how hot the video card is getting. That'll be a definite indicator if the fan really has quit on it.
  14. Try setting up a gmail account & registering on the support site with it. Your accounts don't have to both use the same address.
  15. MrKen

    i5 2500K

    Excluding ivy bridge, the 2500k is about the best CPU you can use for fsx given the price tag.
  16. I'm just sayin... If one 40" monitor is awesome, try 3 of em!
  17. Fsx is running out of resources. The 4 biggest hogs in no particular order are autogen, traffic, water and weather complexity. Try putting water to low2x (I'm running almost 5ghz and still use low2x water) along with turning down the others a bit. If you use ase for the weather use fewer cloud layers, if you're in orbx scenery the autogen is already pretty high there so you could try turning it down a bit. As a last resort, there's a tweak called the "3gb switch" you can use on 32-bit systems like yours that'll take memory away from the system and give fsx a full 3gb to use. If you have other programs running it can lead to system oom's however, so use it at your own risk.
  18. What you really need is triplehead2go or 2 580's in sli, 3 40" tv's, trackir and a $50 gt520 powering the biggest touchscreen monitor you can find. That'll net you a roughly 9 foot wide vc. That's what I have, only the monitors are 21" & the touchscreen is 23"
  19. Are you using any FSDT addons? Sometimes virus software will screw with couatl. Disabling it & reinstalling an addon that uses it (like an FSDT airport) may fix you up.
  20. Yeah, that's what I learned after the fact. I'm a serious impulse shopper. At the time I had recently decided to buy a video card & happened to be in best buy picking up a new console game. Wandered over to video cards just to browse & said "Oooo, 465, that's the highest number on the shelf, it MUST be good!"So I put it in & to be honest it wasn't much better than my onboard graphics. Live & learn...
  21. If you're considering a 400 series, I was only mildly impressed with the GTX465, my current card. There are other cards in the same price range that would out do it. Going back to what Tabs said though, the video card doesn't have a whole lot of say in FSX performance. I'd rather spend $200 on a card & $300 on a better cpu than just blow $500 on a great card. For other gaming a top shelf video card may be what you need, but on FSX it's pretty much all about the CPU.
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