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  1. A-HA!!.......That wrench icon is hard to see. Got it working now. Appreciate your help. Ron
  2. Rick, Thanks for the link, but I'm confused. I downloaded the program (from the "mirror" links on the bottom of the page, but after the download the program is just a small box which shows internal computer info (GPU, BIOS, Temperature, etc). Nothing regarding anti-aliasing, etc. Where exactly should I be clicking? Many thanks
  3. Greetings all, I just bought a new computer which has a NVIDEA (GTX745) card. My old computer used a ATI radeon. Where can I download the latest version of inspector? I googled it, found a few links, but I'm getting warnings from Mcafee. Perhaps they are false positives, but if anyone can provide a valid link they've previously used it would be appreciated. Many thanks, Ron
  4. I'll probably do a YYZ-HKG flight this week. 15+ hours. But first, I'll spend 8 hours watching the YYZ-HKG Air Canada polar video.
  5. Greetings all, I have a question regarding the cost index used for the 777, vs what is planned using PFPX. I'm currently in the middle of a PHNL-KATL flight. When I planned the route in PFPX, I couldn't figure out how to add any specific CI. There's a page (speed/altitude) that allows me to adjust the cruise/cost index for each waypoint, but the options (via a drag-down menu) are "initial, AE320, LRC, M.82, M.83, M.84, M.85, M.86". For this flight, I left that parameter blank. On the actual FMC, I randomly chose a CI of 50. I'm currently cruising at M.83. My current TAS is 481, and PFPX seemed to plan for 485. This might be a chicken vs egg question, but do I have to choose a CI in PFPX first (and if so, how do I do that?), or do I create one in the FMC and then adjust the parameters in PFPX? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  6. What exactly is a B1 flight? I also saw a reference to a "C1" flight in another thread. Are there any other types of flight of this nature?
  7. There was a post in another thread about a funny livery that said "This side up". Will that one be available?
  8. Is there any way of getting a list of which airlines fly each variant?
  9. Regarding that new livery installer....IIRC, Level-D Sim also has something similar. Makes installations a lot tidier.
  10. Greetings all,I've been reading the flight sim version of Tolstoy's "War and Peace", aka: the PMDG 747-400x manual. A LOT of reading. I have a question about V speeds. I'm pretty familiar with V1, V2, and Vref, but I'm not sure about something called "30ref". In the climb modes section, it indicates you should climb at "30ref +100" What exactly does the "30" signify? Obviously, I should be climbing at 100kts plus whatever "30ref" is, but I'm stumped as to what that is. Thanks for your help.Ron
  11. Thanks Matt,OK, that clears it up. I'll obviously have a lot of reading to do, but at least I have some knowledge of other Boeing add-on aircraft (PMDG 737's, Level-D 767) so hopefully the learning curve won't be too steep. My old hard drive crashed, so when I put in the new drive I decided to start anew, and loaded Vista, along with FSX. The FS9 program is, at this point, old news. Ron
  12. Greetings all,I am thisclose to purchasing the FSX version of the 747, but first I decided to download the manual to see what I was getting myself into. It seems that the manual is the same one used for the FS9 version. I thought that there were a lot of changes made to the updated version. Are they not reflected in the current manual, or am I looking at the wrong thing? Many thanks,Ron
  13. Greetings all,I've noticed that the last few times I've used the 737, the taxi lights, along with the runway turnoff lights, are not working. I tried the -700 today and had that problem again. All of the other lights, including the main landing lights, are operating properly. Note that I didn't download that new "lights" package that some of you are talking about. Appreciate anyone's assistance. It's a bit difficult trying to taxi at night.Thanks,Ron
  14. Greetings all,I'm sure this question has been answered previously but I couldn't find anything in the forum. If I'm doing 2 flights in a row (eg: LGA-ORD, then ORD-DEN) how do I reset the FMC between flights? I know I can reboot FS, but if I'm flying on VATSIM I'd prefer to sit at the gate and reset everything without logging off. I tried entering the current airport in the "POS ident" box but that didn't seem to work. What am I doing wrong?Thanks,Ron
  15. Greetings all,Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is an "AFCAD"? I know it refers to scenery add-ons, but what does that term stand for? It it just the new runways, other objects (terminals, buildings, etc), AI aircraft, or a combination of all of these?Thanks for your helpRon
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