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  1. Yes, I've made that mistake before. Spent time programming the FMC, then turning off the ext power before starting the APU.....AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!
  2. At what point does the battery have to be turned on? I just loaded the 777, connected the ground power, and restarted under the C&D option. Pressed the ext power buttons on the overhead, and waited about a minute for the displays to power up. Is there any need to have the battery on at this point? I'd obviously turn it on during the pre-flight checklist, but until then the plane appears to be powered up enough.
  3. Hey guys, Everything's ok now. I thought I had done everything correctly earlier, but must have missed a step. And the re-learning curve begins!!
  4. The chocks are being set. I then have the option of single or dual plugs. However, neither seem to do anything. I'm probably missing a simple step. Checked the manual, but couldn't find anything there. Correct me if I'm wrong, but after connecting the plugs, shouldn't the "ext power" buttons in the overhead be lit up, indication that power is available?
  5. Greetings all, I'm finally getting back to sim flying after taking a while off due to r/w issues. I'm relearning the 777 right now. I can't remember how to set up the GPU to provide power in lieu of the APU. I'm starting off in a cold and dark cockpit ((just for practice), and under PMDG options I see the choice of "single" and "double" pin connections. However, the actual GPU doesn't seem to appear, and the external power button on the overhead panel isn't doing anything, Obviously I'm missing a step. Any solutions? Thanks, Ron
  6. I would recommend starting with a short-haul aircraft (737,or perhaps the 172 trainer) as opposed to the long-haul 777/747. The short haul planes will allow you to learn take-offs and landings more often due to their flight times. Just my opinion. Above all, be prepared to do a lot or studying. Whether it's reading or watching you-tube videos, there are so many websites out there to assist you. Don't be afraid to ask questions in these forums, where many knowledgeable people (read: people other than myself...lol) will be more than happy to provide answers. The learning curve can be quite steep, depending on how much you want to learn. But in the end, I find it to be a very rewarding experience. Good luck!!!!
  7. I'm also seeing that same issue re the -200 being updated to version 1.10.6161, but the -300 is still at version 1.10.6036. How exactly do I update the -300? (update...."D'OH!!...I just re-read Robert's OP, and simply re-downloaded and installed the -300 from the e-commerce page. Everything is now updated.)
  8. Trust me....when the update is available, you'll know. There'll be a new topic (most likely started by RSR), and 150+ replies within the first 60 minutes of that new topic post.
  9. Just to clarify.....I have an 8-core machine. Shouldn't the affinity mask be set to 127? (per your earlier post)?
  10. I just checked my fsx.cfg file, and don't see "affinity mask" or "job scheduler" listed. Should I add these to the file, and if so is there any particular place I should add it?
  11. If I read that correctly, I only need to uninstall the 737/J41 liveries. It doesn't say anything about uninstalling the 777-200's.
  12. Greetings all, I'm in the process of installing SP1, and eventually the -300. I ran the OC (as administrator) before installing the SP. Installed the SP, then re-ran the OC. Looks like I need to re-download the -200 planes. But when I click on the first one (Air Canada), I get a pop-up telling me that the texture file already exists. After clicking yes, it asks if I want to overwrite the existing folder. What should I be doing at this point? Many thanks
  13. I'm downloading the 777 SP now. But what about the 737's? Is there a separate download for those planes?
  14. Kind of like Airplane 2.....after Elaine explains that they're almost out of coffee.
  15. +1 I often wonder if these same people who complain because it wasn't released EXACTLY "when promised" run into problems while flying the aircraft, because they rushed thru the checklist or didn't read the manual.
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