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  1. 3rd party add-ons, especially for airplanes, airports, and weather, that makes a very realistic sim experience. A realistic night flying with dynamics lighting like X plane. This is one of the main reasons I moved to X plane. ( xplane night flying is just AWESOME) Good performance to take advantage of the latest Hardware. An easy way to update the SIM without breaking anything without the need to do a fresh install every time we update. realistic car movement, size, speed, etc with good roads build up, including small roads, highways and freeways and bridges. A better ATC, especially IFR flying. Finally, please don't quit on US " If the new sim is what we all wanted " It will be a big investment for all of us and we want to continue to have that support for many years to come."
  2. I'm an instrument rated pilot with a lots of hours including Citation Jet training. Thanks for the advice. Also If the problem only FPS wise, why not make a slider to control how much visibility you can draw based on our computer power. However I agree that it's not broken, but makes LA, vegas, NYC look like some town.
  3. The problem is not only dealing with a temporary beta's as everyone claim here. How about the draw night lighting distance problem that x plane have for more than 2 years or so...why this problem didn't get fixed till now since the early days of x plane 10. it's a major problem for night flying and needs to be fixed, period.
  4. No I don't see what is wrong with my post. I reported an issue that is present on my sim. Also I reported that bug to x plane. if we don't file and report bugs it's not going to get anything fixed.
  5. Thank you for your quick reply, of course I''m not trolling I don't know what's wrong with these people. I reported the issue I was having and I have the right to do so. I will be patient and I do understand that beta's are full for bugs, but the changes they made to flight physics are too aggressive and noticeable. I hope these issue will get fixed soon as I'm a big believer of x plane future.
  6. so what they did in this 10.10 update other than making the sim a little slower, and screw up the flight physics ?
  7. B767 roll to the right with 10.10b2, also FPS don't seem to be improved maybe even a little worse.
  8. I'm getting CTD after the update through the update center on P3D V3 latest version, nothing changed on the computer other than the update, so for sure it has something to do with PMDG update for 747 v3, I've tried it a few times and after takeoff within a few mins, it crashes. I'm getting api.dll crash, and another with unknown. Evan Banalian.
  9. it happened to me as well, as soon I loaded an airplane, crazy shaking just happens, this was the last time I've used it x-plane I think " 10.10RC1 " Don't know the cause of it. This is my earlier thread about this issue as well other problem. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/390045-ga-airplanes-bank-to-the-left-on-the-ground/
  10. Thanks Ben, definitely I will follow up with Word Not Allowed's guide once I finish tweaking some settings. I'm glad I didn't buy the 3770K since we all need to disable HT. Thanks
  11. So far so good, quick FSX test looks good. My NGX about 10-12 FPS more compared to my old 920 4.0. Very smooth. Temps around 55-60C while FSX load. Evan.
  12. Hello Everyone, Finally my new PC parts arrived and I'm running some testing, I have Ivy 3570K OC 4.7 V1.35 + H100 running prime95 for an hr now stable so far max temp 74C on the highest core Room Temp 79F. I also have SC EVGA 680, running with AX850 and ASUS DELUXE Z77 motherboard, G Skill Ram at 2400MHZ I also did remove Intel TIM and replaced it with Diamond IC7, I might test later on with Coollaboratory Liquid pro that didn't arrive on time but from my understanding the difference should be around 1C vs IC7 from the reviews I've seen. I still not very comfortable with the new ASUS motherboard as far as OC settings most left at auto for now. I will test FSX as soon I'm done testing the CPU. Evan
  13. Did anyone with Ivy 3770 try to remove and replace the thermal paste with better one to improve the temps ?? Thanks.
  14. As far as FSX goes, is there any ,kind of improvement having PCI-3 compared to earlier CPU's ? FPS, stutter, very dens areas, over the water, HD clouds... etc ... ? Thanks for the early results. Evan Bananlian.
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