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  1. I paid for ngx training when it was first available. I knew it wasn't complete and I could also deduce that even at a video a week it would take a year or more for it to be complete. I paid fully understanding that. I also paid understanding I'd be able to watch each session when it's done instead of waiting over a year, so it's not that bad a deal.Besides, good as certain YouTube videos may be, they're not drawing information on the systems from the Boeing fcoms, fctms AND maintenance manuals like aoa is doing. Maybe some of those, but not all. You learn a lot more than "press button 'x' when 'y' happens" with aoa, they explain why that 'y' happens and what pressing button 'x' will do to it.
  2. Are you using any FSDT addons? Sometimes virus software will screw with couatl. Disabling it & reinstalling an addon that uses it (like an FSDT airport) may fix you up.
  3. Yeah, that's what I learned after the fact. I'm a serious impulse shopper. At the time I had recently decided to buy a video card & happened to be in best buy picking up a new console game. Wandered over to video cards just to browse & said "Oooo, 465, that's the highest number on the shelf, it MUST be good!"So I put it in & to be honest it wasn't much better than my onboard graphics. Live & learn...
  4. Yep. Application packages are great. Everything is self-contained, drag it to any folder you want. To uninstall you just drag it to the trash can. I use my macbook for everything but fsx.
  5. If you're considering a 400 series, I was only mildly impressed with the GTX465, my current card. There are other cards in the same price range that would out do it. Going back to what Tabs said though, the video card doesn't have a whole lot of say in FSX performance. I'd rather spend $200 on a card & $300 on a better cpu than just blow $500 on a great card. For other gaming a top shelf video card may be what you need, but on FSX it's pretty much all about the CPU.
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