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  1. Leave bclk at 100 on your CPU, just use the multiplier. Voltage is only increased when your oc becomes unstable, lower vcore = lower temps. As mentioned above, disable hyperthreading. It won't help fsx & disabling it will let your CPU run slightly cooler. As for temps, mine stays fairly warm as well. Just monitor temps when your using fsx & keep it below 80 for longevity.
  2. For activation issues you'll need to register at http://support.precisionmanuals.com & open a support ticket
  3. 1: just make sure it has a 'k' suffix. The specific model doesn't matter all that much. Also make sure your motherboard chipset will support overclocking (ie... P67, z68, etc...) 2: It's easy. Just find a guide online for your motherboard & follow it. 3: Gtx6xx would allow higher aa settings, but won't affect fps much. Save the cash & buy the 560ti 4: Your fsx machine will never need more than 4-6gb. Get a good cas7 8gb kit (2x4gb) and don't look back. Memory speed used to matter in overclocking but it's independent of CPU speed in sandy/ivy bridge systems. 1333 is fine. 5: I prefer ASUS, but any decent manufacturer will be fine. I also prefer deluxe because voltages seem to be more stable than in pro/le boards. That could just be placebo effect though. 6: Drop the prebuild vendors. It's easy & cheaper to assemble a pc. 7: not really. There's Intel's ivy bridge series CPUs & nvidia's 6xx cards, but those are the only major upgrades. Anything else will just be the normal incremental updates that always happen over time. 8: There is a significant decrease in load times, but it won't improve fps. If money is a consideration try 2 10k rpm drives or a 10k for the os/other apps and a 120ssd for fsx.
  4. Register at http://support.precisionmanuals.com and open a support ticket. They will fix you up.
  5. Did you read the introduction document that came with the plane? Use the livery manager.
  6. Some isp's have blocked emails from pmdg. Try setting up a gmail account & registering with it on the support site.
  7. Try mse. It's free, gets steady updates from Microsoft & has a very low footprint compared to resource hogs like mcafee & norton. It's just like Ryan said, stay off the shady sites & don't open unknown email attachments. I've asked people who "sent" attachments of it really came from them & you'd be surprised how often the answer is "No, I haven't emailed you in weeks." Edit: But there again I have all the filtering disabled on my mail server so I don't have to worry about important stuff being inadvertently blocked.
  8. Pressure altitude only matches actual altitude when the baro is 29.92. Above transition you switch to std so the altimeter is giving you pressure altitude, but not your true altitude. You may also need to compensate for temperature, it plays a big role in air density. CI Affects cruise speed so that would also be a factor to consider.
  9. You can also adjust the speed curves for different movements. I have the vertical movement turned down pretty low & rotation turned pretty high. That makes the overhead & radios a lot easier to get to.
  10. I have most of orbx north America scenery because I like scooting around in sel's. A few fsdt airports are installed for the big jets.
  11. That was planned entirely from the start to be a visual upgrade only. Picking & choosing options in a base product is a little more involved & requires a lot of judgement. Does anyone know how many animations are required to get a good rain effect? It could mean losing a lot of our "on the fly" options & require reloading the plane any time we change something in the configuration. Ie... Changing from Honeywell to Collins mcp requires an animation, as does enabling or disabling the HGS, anything that appears or disappears requires at least one animation.
  12. I believe that would require using the sdk and some programming knowledge. Check the fsuipc/lua forums, someone may have made something similar to what you want.
  13. It's a part of how they activation system works, the key is only good for a limited number of times. You need to register at http://support.precisionmanuals.com and open a support ticket to request a reset on your activations. They'll fix you up.
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