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  1. Very useful and nicely done. Many thanks. David
  2. Hmm, thanks again Craig. (This is our recreation, by the way, so absolutely no need to apologise for taking your time!) Helpful to have your clear and professional explanation of all the phenomena and your varied experiences on this 04L approach into LFMN. No, I wasn't attempting an autoland - single CH all the way down. What was strange is that both the indicated glidepath on the VSD and the visual path suggested by HGS flight vector, were ending up short of the runway, in the water! Just inexplicable it seems, especially as everything you describe seems normal. I use the excellent nDAC chart service. It seems to show that the ILS for 04R is perfectly aligned with the runway (usually TO runway but still has ILS or NDB landing options). However, assuming that the thick black line representing the glideslope is correctly drawn in azimuth, the more usual landing runway O4L appears to have an ILS which is off to the right of runway centreline. Maybe this would account for no Cat III and your seeing yourself off 1 degree to the left. When I get the time (soon hopefully), I will try doing everything you have described, to see if my results are the same as yours ... Again thanks. Best wishes, David
  3. Many thanks, Craig. Much appreciate your insights and interest. Please: no need to apologise! Will certainly take a look at ADE and look fwd to news of your own experience of LFMN 4L x NGX in due course. Best wishes, David
  4. Thanks, Craig. Much appreciated. I don't hold anything against our RW colleagues: they (including, I guess, you) must feel themselves inundated with requests for RW experience and advice. As we all know, this is only a mark of the excellence of the product. It stuns me every time I refer to the FCOM, how much the NGX actually has. That aside, I'll watch for your GP on/off pointer. Using stock LFMN scenery, so it can't be that ... Would you happen to know what files to inspect in order to see whether there is a disparity between FSX and NGX databases for LFMN? Or is it all locked up and invisible? I am not a hi-techie, and get very, very nervous about changing files, frankly, but it would be good to understand the issue. Again thanks. Best wishes, David
  5. I just experienced something unexpected, related to IAN, that may well be an FSX issue but curious to understand or fix if possible. Coming into LFMN (Nice, France) 04L, correctly tuned to ILS, single channel approach under CMD A - though both ILS frequencies correctly tuned. Hadn't yet studied IAN, but noticed FAC and G/P annunciations and apparently approach was going just fine as if ILS. HOWEVER, both visually and on VSD, I could soon see that the flight vector was trending to land short of the runway, into the sea - and it did! - Is this an FSX problem with LFMN 04L ILS 109.95? Curiously I didn't find any other posts on LFMN glideslope being incorrect as to glide (just azimuth, which is simply faithful to RW)- What sort of issue might NGX FMC have detected to cause it to flip automatically to IAN approach, when both ILS frequencies were correctly tuned and course correct?- Is it reasonable to expect NGX FMC to correct for the glideslope error I describe [landing short]? Presumably the NGX FMC can't correct for inaccurate ILS data in FSX regarding runway threshold, if that is where the problem lies?? Or should NGX FMC have used different data to compute its own threshold for 04L and therefore produced an accurate glidepath? Any insight and advice would be much appreciated. LFMN is a favourite airport. I will be landing using LOC and V/S next time, with VMC HGS - which should cure the problem in practice. But that won't be much good in French fog! Thanks as always, David
  6. +1: a really good looking livery. Another truly great looking livery on the 737 is Luxair: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40168621@N07/5041096533/ Thanks for whenever! David Abrahams
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