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  1. I tried that, it does not work VR Todd
  2. Glad to hear this is simulated! Todd Hontz
  3. He’s also doing a long haul stream on his twitch channel. VR Todd Hontz
  4. Yes we do lurk about!😬 Cheers! Todd Hontz
  5. I checked mine again, turns out I made a typo. I have it working again. Cheers, Todd Hontz
  6. Unfortunately adding the HUD entry to my DLL.xml did not fix my issue. I'm heading out on the road the next 10 days. When I return I'll send my DLL to support and see what they can do. I'm trying to avoid an uninstall, reinstall scenario. Have a great week! Again, thank you for the help. Cheers! Todd Hontz
  7. I'll check on that, thank you Kyle! VR Todd Hontz
  8. Good afternoon, I fired up the 737NGX for a quick flight and lowered the HUD and there is nothing displayed. I checked brightness and nothing changes. Using latest version with P3Dv4.3, Windows 10 up to date. VR Todd Hontz
  9. Not in the freight world! It will be with us for quite some time. Todd
  10. It appears there are enough people experiencing this, so I'll submit a ticket. VR Todd
  11. Hi, thank you! Hopefully this will be fixed. cheers! Todd
  12. Good evening, Performed my first flight yesterday and noticed that the brake accumulator pressure gauge does not read when I turn on the number 4 hydraulic aux pump. I loaded default panel state and this had no effect. I'm using P3Dv4.1 on Windows 10. VR Todd Hontz
  13. Good morning, I have the same airport with SODE jetways. My issue us I get a door too low message when trying to dock to the PMDG 737. Is there a config file to adjust the settings? My limited understanding of SODE is it uses the same aircraft config file that the default jetways use. I appreciate any guidance. VR Todd Hontz
  14. The Lower Lobe Cargo Air Flow Rate (LLCAFR) "Lucifer" switch is unique to the freighter variant. The Pax birds have a 6-10 switch for the aft compartment that regulates at 6 or 10 Celsius or 40 or 50 Fahrenheit. Additionally, turning on the act cargo heat activates electric floor heat in the aft lower lobe. Yes 50 degrees might be a little chilly for pets but not fatal to them. Todd
  15. I have noticed this for a long time. Was not sure if it was normal. None of the updates ever addressed it. Thanks for posting, hopefully we can get this minor issue resolved. VR Todd
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