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  1. cello.mike

    Slight issue with RTE2 with the latest version

    Thanks for the replies guys. I'll submit that ticket now.
  2. cello.mike

    Slight issue with RTE2 with the latest version

    Hi Dan, Thanks for the reply. Yes, the FCOMS do state that you can change the origin of an inactive route. I used to be able to do this to route 2 in the air with the previous version. What the route two allows me to do is change the destination (which is what you're doing I your flights.) The reason I noticed this is because it is common practice to set the destination alternate route on the route 2 before TOD. Having the right origin allows appropriate selection of the DP and gives a good visual representation of the route in the map mode. While it isn't a critical must fix item, I figured I'd point it out if you guys were trying to tweak the program for accuracy. Signing with my full name now. Cheers, Mike Buenaventura
  3. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, so allow me to introduce myself - I'm Mike, and am a CRP for an Asian carrier who flies the triple seven. Love the triple you guys have made! I used it for my initial training and still use it often to keep myself current between flights. Anyway, I just wanted to confirm with everyone- is anyone able to change the origin field of RTE2 while in the air with the latest update of the B777? I recall I used to be able to do this on the previous version. Best regards, Mike
  4. Hello guys! I just got the PMDG 777 and 773 expansion recently. First off - fantastic work! I've been using it to practice for my proficiency and in the process I found a small lack of functionality that I thought you might want to add into the RTE page. When intercepting an airway, it is normally possible to input the airway name immediately into RTE page 2, L1, which will then open box prompts in R1 for the terminating point. Let's say you're asked to intercept airway A461, it is possible to input A461 in L1, and R2 should display boxes. The airway should then start at a point on the airway closest to you. This is at least the case on the -300ER. I'm not sure if this is available on the -200 series aircraft, though. Anyway, what I've been doing instead is to find the closest airway to myself on the map, placing it on R1, then placing the airway name in L2. It's a minor issue, guys. Just a little suggestion if you've got an sp1d in the works. cheers, Mike