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A fatal error occured

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Gents, I run a multi-display configuration (see attachment)When I put something from FSX (or FSX itsself) on the right bottom screen (nr 7), FSX crashes (a fatal error occured). The guilty one is the G2D.GLLMore correctly, when I put something further then the right half of that screen... I didn't put this topic in the 737NGX forum because I don't think it has anythin to do with PMDG. It also happens with other planes, when I undock something and drag it to this screen. I already updated my motherboard driver and Catalist drivers (to 11.7), no difference. I honestly don't know if FSX behaved like this because I recently started to use it because the NGX came out. I don't have this problem with FS9 at all. Anyone an idea? Best Regards,Bert Van Bulckattachment

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