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  1. So you don't need to read the manuals nor follow the OAO training. What are you doing on this thread then?I don't remember exactly what I paid (70 dollars or so?). I don't call that "forking over" money. It's 2 times nothing really...Bert Van Bulck
  2. Well, why haven't you? Who kept you from it?Bert Van Bulck
  3. Ryan,Maybe set the missed approach heading when setting the MA alt?Bert Van Bulck
  4. TV show: so it's probably completely unrealistic or wrong or fake, let alone a good educational product? Ask your dad how much people are involved and how much money customers have to pay for commercials!Bert Van Bulck
  5. I bought in for the full training. + The training video's are really good.- they still are working on it.So: if you have some patience, it's probably the way you want to go. If you are not patient, don't do it; just read the FCTM, FCOM1 and FCOM2. :Thinking:Bert Van Bulck
  6. I think you told us the problem yourself.The ACFT behaves abnormal untill you click the FSUICP thing....Bert Van Bulck
  7. Hello,Are you sure you have a dual coupled approach engaged: is "FLARE" armed in the Flight Mode Anunciator?Best Regards,Bert.
  8. Why would you want an additional moving map?You HAVE one! (Navigation display)Best Regards,Bert.
  9. When going to manual (disengaging A/P), recycle the F/D's, yes.Best Regards.Bert.
  10. About the F/D's:I don't know about the 747, but in the 737, when pilots go to manual during final approach, F/D's are recycled (of and on). If you don't, the go-around maneuvre might prove to get worrying when engaging the A/P again :)Off course, when you fly a dual coupled approach, you don't recycle the F/D's untill the A/P is disabled by the aircraft (after touchdown).Best Regards,Bert.
  11. Hi,Try to cut an engine just after V1 and see what happens.Have fun :)Best Regards,Bert.
  12. Some feedback for the PMDG team:You guys really need to make the MCP undockable!I have a multiple screen set up: the lowest screen contains PFD, ND and chronograph. It should also contain the MCP.It overcame that problem by creating a new window with VC and zooming into the MCP.Reason: if you use an IrTracker, it's too hard to grab a knob...Best Regards,Bert.
  13. From what I recall, following conditions must be metflaps setspoiler downbrakes offtrim set (green band)If you get the warning during flight: pressurisation problem.
  14. I know for a fact that low cost airlines are more and more implementing VNAV approaches. One thing has to do with fuel prices...However, I don't think the PMDG 737NG is 100% correct set up for VNAV approaches. (flaps 15 by 15nm for NPA..)
  15. Something else I saw:Always set your heading bug on top during the entire flight! That's good practice.If ATC tells you to avoid traffic, you push heading select and then change direction. If your heading bug is not on top, you loose too much time.In case of go-around, you need your heading bug on top too, else you end up anywhere :)
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