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  1. Hi Just starting to get to grips with the software. I have installed multiple (MS) Voice/Language packs, however when trying to select add Random Voice Settings (installed voice name dropdown) only a slect few are availble to add not all the ones I have installed (only seem to have female voices, plus David!) Any help advice/greatly appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hi ScotFlieger Many thanks for the reply its much appreciated :smile: Just t be sure this is the unit I refer to: http://www.saitek.com/uk/prod/multi.html I have selected the Aerosoft Airbus from the drop down. The Multi Panel looks to be available, as when I press a button it registers on the program? My first attempt was to simply apply the AP on the Saitek Multi Panel with the value AP1 Toggle within the module without success, I have also tried the same simple assignments HDG, ALT, VS, APP. I have SPAD installed if that makes adifference? Thanks again for any guidance! Cheers Rusty
  3. Hi I have posted this in the Aerosoft Forums however, it was mentioned it may be better suited for here :smile2: I have both Linda 1.13 and the Airbus X module 3.01 installed, I am using P3D 2.4 with the latest (licensed) copy of FSUIPC and SPAD drivers. I cannot seem to get my Saitek Multi-Panel to operate any of the Airbust FCU controls (with the exception of the flap lever)? I have tried using both Linda and FSUIPC without success. Has anyone managed to get these work together, of if there was a detailed 'how-to guide somewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks!
  4. Sir you are a genius! Its support and people like yourself that make this hobby so enjoyable, thanks again
  5. Great support thanks! New error with the latest build?
  6. Hi No error the application just closes, I will paste a picture of the event log later on. Thanks again!
  7. Hi Many thanks for the reply: However, I have all folders shared as I use ASN plus FSC on a networked laptop (using WideFS), if I launch AMT the program closes with errors? Any advice greatly appreciated
  8. Hi This is a great little utility many thanks for all the hard work! Any idea if there is an update on using this accross a network, re your earlier comments? Thanks again
  9. Hi Looks great, will try this tonight Anyone used this while flying online? I normally have to reset my traffic sliders to 0% before connecting so as not to have any AI? Well done again and thanks Duke!
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