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  1. I am going out on a limb here, is your "Pilot controls aircraft lights" option off by any chance in the sim settings?
  2. Reinstalled P3D because I was troubleshooting some GPU (graphics card, not ground power :P ) problems and reverse works as it should in all versions now, it appears it was one of those things that magically resolves itself... :D
  3. Robert, I tried both clicking and keyboard commands, both work on the DC6B and none work on the DC6A.
  4. And when I did that, everything worked as it should on the B version, but never on the A version. The only way it ever worked on the A was when I loaded it mid air and that happened only once and didn't happen again during the same flight...
  5. UPDATE: So I did something I am not supposed to do, I switched to the DC6A while in the air with the default raptor, I managed to land and the reverse worked once. Once I moved the red bar back to the normal operation, I was not able to move it back to reverse setting. There is something going on here...
  6. For the life of me I can't get the red bar to move on the A version, and yet it works flawlessly on the B version. I am running P3DV4. Does anyone have any ideas as to the reason?
  7. I know why the call is there in real life, and it is the default PMDG FO, not an addon program. I just think that perhaps it could be tied to thrust lever position or something similar that would distinguish takeoff from crazy wind. And Alan, I really didn't know that about the FCOM, I always thought the rings were there to remove the pages when maintenance can't be bothered repairing a non essential system, so they just remove the pages referring to it and pretend the item in question never existed
  8. I just checked the FCOM 9.20.11, not a bug, it's a feature. I didn't read the part about spoilers and just assumed it wouldn't be done that way
  9. Taxiing around Prestwick today in 15-20 knot winds, I heard the callout during ground turns 4 or 5 times. Does it sound every time when airspeed indicator moves above certain value regardless of anything else? If my FO did it every time during taxiing in real life, I would probably smack him over the head with the FCOM
  10. As the title says, in the freighter, emergency light don't seam to illuminate the cockpit. I can see the bright circle on the ceiling, but the cockpit stays dark.
  11. So I am coming into Prestwick this evening in the 400 F, and, as someone used to smaller planes, I am too fast in the descent, so I pull the spoiler handle, and looking onto position indicator, I see left side deployed, right side not deployed. I switch to external view, and both sides are deployed. I tried cycling them, tried using mouse instead of keyboard to deploy them, same situation. Screenshot included.
  12. Yaw damper is used to prevent a roll-yaw coupling phenomenon called Dutch roll, I will not go into detailed mechanics of it, you can find more info online, but you can try quickly moving the rudder full left-neutral-full right-neutral in the simulator while flying trimmed straight and level with the autopilot and yaw damper off and observe the behavior of the aircraft (hands off the controls after the rudder input). Yaw damper doesn't help coordinate your turn, nor does it affect the turn rate.
  13. I managed to fit it in VC of both, and radio tuning works from VC, but you need 2d open to manipulate other controls. Replace these in panel.cfg Learjet, in panel.GNS folder [Window02] size_mm = 900,900 window_size = 0.5 position = 3 BACKGROUND_COLOR = 0,0,0 VISIBLE = 0 ident = GPS_PANEL gauge00=rxpGNS!GNS530,0,0,900,700 [Vcockpit01] .. .. .. comment out (//) sections that have flysimwaregps in the name and replace with gauge11=rxpGNS!GNS530,-113,70,938,795 MU-2 in panel.main folder [Window02] size_mm = 900,900 window_size = 0.5 position = 3 BACKGROUND_COLOR = 0,0,0 VISIBLE = 0 ident = GPS_PANEL gauge00=rxpGNS!GNS530,0,0,900,700 [Vcockpit01] .. .. .. comment out (//) sections that have flysimwaregps in the name and replace with gauge08=rxpGNS!GNS530,-113,70,938,795 You need to turn gps on both in VC and in 2d for it to work. Hope someone finds this useful...
  14. Thank you very much, I can't figure out how I missed them but some days, the brain just ain't working as it should
  15. For the life of me, I can't find it. I know flood lights are there, L button turns them on, can someone please point me in the direction of the switch?
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