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VNOAA - Virtual NOAA/Vatsim Needs Pilots

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Hello Flightsimmers, Tired of those long flights in a big jet ! Want to do some tree-top flying or fly around major storms to gather important data to aide in weather forecasting; that is part of our missions. Other missions include relief, transportation, and marine wildlife observation and transportation. There may be some SAR as well. We will be FS9/FSX (Mostly FSX) compatible, and some coordination will be invloved with other VSOAs and ARTCCs; some S1 ATC possible. Aircraft will be small to large turboprops, small jets, and now Helos (in time) and will be based mostly in North America. Please follow the site's progress at: (Please Copy And Paste URL): {C}{C} For now vNOAA is operating as a VA, and intends to structure training around eventual Vatsim VSOA status. Flight possibilities are on the public website and forum. Along with vNOAA we have introduced the Virtual US Coast Guard District 7 as vUSCG7 (As Of Aug 2011 Currently Remaining Inactive), as a support group for vNOAA; both will work side by side in some missions only, and there will be some secondary vUSCG7 missions only for those interested. We need some staff to startup vUSCG7, and we are not affiliated in any way with any vUSCG vsoa's on Vatsim. The vNOAA website, forums, and training packages are a work in progress, and are looking for some great staff to support the vNOAA/vUSCG7 joint operations on Vatsim. Those applying to vUSCG7 must have previous VSOA experience. Training programs are in progress for new pilots joining vNOAA/vUSCG7. Aircraft and missions are in work; look for more continuous updates on the VNOAA public website and forum. Please note that vUSCG7 incorporation is NOT ACTIVE at this time, and may never be active; it is only an option for us further down the line. There are also VUSAF options as well with the Hurricane Hunters. This takes some coordination, and again, is part of our future outlook. We will eventually become a joint VSOA when the requirements are met which will take at least 3 months of VA exposure time on Vatsim. Our group meeting times are basically any evening at 8PM EST (0000z) +/- 15 minutes or thereabouts. We NOW HAVE A Teamspeak 3 Server for comms (!), and 5-10 hours of area familiarization and basic training flights are now available. Pilots MUST join VNOAA to use TS3 and find the TS3 info on the membership forum. The formal group meetings are Monday and/or Friday nights as people are available. We still need more active pilot interest, as well as possible aircraft painters and mission designers (for both FS9 and FSX). We will primarily use FSINN and FSX. I have hopes for Virtual NOAA and am excited about the many possible missions! Anyone may email me directly; my email is on the bottom of the main page VNOAA website. Both the public and private VNOAA website portions are slowly being updated, the link of which can only be accessed through our forums. Prospective members may join as a Cadet by simply joining the VNOAA forum off the public VNOAA website, tell us a little about your flightsimming experience on the forum, and do the necessary training to become a VNOAA member; we use a military rank structure. We have aircraft and scenery; I am currently working on the training missions for both VA and VSOA qualifications. Each pilot is REQUIRED to fly 4 hours on Vatsim per month minimum for 3 consecutive months along with completing training to earn the coveted Naval Aviator Wings! VNOAA uses virtual military training, but employs a VA attachment to draw from for its members. The VA attachment has it's own training requirements but members must still fly 4 hours min/month to remain active. Good Luck!! VADM Gray - VNOAA Commander

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