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PMDG Introduction and Use manual - Saved Panel States

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PMDG Introduction and Use manual. Maybe this thread will attract some of the ones that are willing to share some of their worldly knowledge about these things. I have found most of those quick out the blocks repsonses are the immature ones that don't have anything else to do and think they know it all, when it fact they probably wouldn't recognize a 737NG if it ran over them while they were on their soapbox. What I have looking to find in the manuals or elsewhere is a good definition or explanation of the 3 or 4 panel states that are mentioned but not described in the Introductory and Use manual. These are 1. NGX - CLDDRK - I guess Ryan thinks he is paying by the letter for these CDU entries, I renamed mine to COLDandDARK. I don't really need the NGX prefix. Duh.2. NGX - SHORT - I am assuming, which is dangerous, this mean 'the short turnround of the plane and/or crew."3. NGX - LONG - Similar to #2, except it would be "the long turnaround of the plane and crew."4. READY FOR TAKEOFF - I think I understand this one also, but not necessarily. Could be some discussion here as it is only mentioned once and then dropped off the list of panel states a on the following page when it talks about the '3' panel states and no longer mentions the Ready for Takeoff state. The NGX - CLDDRK is the only one I can recognize for sure, kinda like Black and Dead. I suppose Long and Short probably varies between carriers but I would like to hear about a few and how it relates to the 'Panel State" of our NGX. (Pages 47 and 48) I wish the author(s) would have spent as much time on getting started and normal operations as they did on 'Failures.' Something is wrong with this picture. Ray Heck the text is so brief, I can just post it here and save you the time of loading the pdf. A word search of the pdf has no further returns. Page 47 -We have created some panel states that we thought might be desired by users: Cold and Dark Short Turn Long Turn Ready for Takeoff These panel states can be loaded at any time and the airplane will be instantly configured according to the panel state selected. This can be convenient for quickly setting up a flight to start precisely where you want! Page 48On the PMDG SETUP menu you will notice a STARTUP STATE prompt. You can use this prompt to force FSX to load the PMDG 737NGX in exactly the same configuration every time you launch the simulator. We have included the following panel states for you to use: NGX CLD DRK: This is the airplane completely shut down. NGX LONG: This is the airplane on a long ground turn. NGX SHORT: This is the airplane on a short ground turn.

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