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Winds Aloft and the 737NGX

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I would like to indicate the method I am using to enter winds aloft into the FMC. I would appreciate any comments which are either positive or negative, indicate a faster and simpler way to do this or I am doing something incorrect. I can find no climb forecast page and entries can’t be made on the RTE DATA page unless it is waypoint at cruise altitude. So if there are waypoints prior to cruise they must be accounted for on the INIT REF page. I am entering an average of the wind direction and speed for waypoints prior to cruise on the INIT REF page which according to what I read in the manual or on a website affects the climb. However, this propagates on down the line to make every cruise waypoint incorrect but I am going to overwrite that info with the correct info for each cruise waypoint. There is a descent forecast page so that is no problem. Thank youMichael Cubine

Michael Cubine

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