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Short Comparison video.

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Ok so I was impesssed with how well Orbx Scenery stands up i decided to make a short video of the Visual arrival at Townsville Australia just for an experiment really. Its not exact but I tried to follow the RL video. Somewhere along the line the video got squashed a little. Anyway here goes! The real thing.


Andrew Simmons





Intel i7 950+Corsair H70.

6 Gig ram Kingston Hyperx 1600Mhz

ASUS GTX560 Ti (900mhz core/1800Shader/2100Memory)

1T Cavier Black HD + 1T Cavier Green for backup jobs.

Win7 64 Bit

Asus X58A-UD3R (Rev2)

OCZ 600w PSU





DA-20 Katana Diamond (Aerosoft)

A2A B377 (Captain of the Ship) Flightsim Labs ConcordeX.

TM Warthog/TIR5/REX2/ASE/Topcat/RadarContact4/FSX

PMDG MD-11/J41/Old737NG/747-400x /IFly737FSX/A2A Spitfire/A2A B-17 Accusim

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