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Joystick calibration inconsistencies

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Hi fellas,I've noticed since Ive had the NGX I've run into some calibration issues with my joystick. Only this specifically:I have a saitek X65F and the throttle has a scroll wheel which can rotate clockwise/anti clockwise infinitely etc (just like a mouse wheel). I use this for trim, alt inc, alt dec, SPD inc, SPD dec on different modes. Scroll up is assigned to one keyboard shortcut in the saitek profiles eg "alt inc - Ctrl+shift+A" and scroll down "alt dec - Ctrl+shift+q". I add these key shortcuts to the pmdg assignments menu, respectively.Now when I fly the NGX and use the scrollwheel on the stick it moves in random unpredictable chunks. Eg rotate 1 click up will cause a 300ft inc alt on the MCP. Another will cause a 100, and another 3 in a row after that may do nothing, or cause it to randomly increase by 500ft- opposed to 100ft every click, just like the mousewheel.I do the same thing with the pmdg 747 and I don't have this issue at all- but only with the NGX? If I bought FSUIPC would I be able to overcome this? Any other ideas or alternatives?Cheers.

Kind Regards,

Dan Wela

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