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Could this resolve the mouse-pointer perf drain?

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I'm aware that the activated mouse pointer induced drain on frame rate instantly resolves once the pointer is moved to any other layer above the main FSX active view. If you move it over the menu bar, or over the ATC window for example, full perf is restored. I'm not a programmer, but I wonder if someone (hint hint PMDG!) could possibly make a simple little utility that would allow, programmable to a key press or mouse-wheel press, put a single pixel between the mouse pointer and the main display, to act in effect the same way that putting the mouse pointer on top of any other window, but because the applet hides directly under the pointer it would be like it is not there at all. I guess it would make more sense to have the pointer 'mask' as it were be the default behavior, then when for example you want to use the pointer to perform and action in FSX in the VC, the pressing of the mouse button, or rolling of the mouse wheel, make the mask disappear so that the pointer can interact w/ the FSX environment. Not a very elegant way to describe the idea but I hope you get the idea! It's such a big deal w/ the NGX and the Turbine Duke and maybe a few others that it would be super to come up with a creative solution. Noel


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