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For enbr (d3d9.dll) gurus

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I use 2D panels in FSX 95% of the time for performance reasons (at least double FPS). When I have the d3d9.dll in the FSX root folder (regardless of whether it is active or not) my 2D gauges lose their crispness...numbers become blurred and are difficult to read. My question is this : I would like to control colour saturation only. Do not care for bloom, depth of field, extra shaders etc. Can this be done ? Can I just have this entry in the .ini file ? [colorCORRECTION]DarkeningAmountDay=19ScreenLevelDay=60ScreenLevelNight=14DarkeningAmountNight=-30GammaCurveDay=-2GammaCurveNight=6ColorSaturationDay=1ColorSaturationNight=-1UsePaletteTexture=0 Any other tips are welcome...

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