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Searching within your site ?

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Greetings:I am relatively new to your website and have been trying to find a specific subject slash problem on your site now for a while unsuccessfully. Now please do not mistake this as is a complaint, just wondering,( read frustrated) why can I Google my problem and they take me right to your website and the people on your site that answer my question but when I try to find the subject through your site I cannot even get close to finding the subject that I am looking for? To be fair, the answers I was looking for are a couple of years old and Google took me to,I assume to your archives but I still could not find the posts when I went to your website.I used the same wording for both searches.You have an impressive website and a huge amount of information but, what good is it if you can't find what you are looking for?I eventually found the archives for the area of interest but I still could not find what I was looking for. Very frustrating.Again, I am not bashing your site or the people who no doubt work hard on this site, this is just an observation. As a pilot and an A&P mechanic a fresh pair of eyes on a project are always a good thing. Thanksrecent member don235

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