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Credit where credit is due

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Well the long wait is over and we are now experiencing our long awaited 737ngx, given the complexity I am surprised how little problems we have really experienced, I know there are a few out there that may not agree with me, and hopefully by the time the next sim release comes around they will have a more varied selection of beta testers, because the ctd/fatal error should have been picked up by them, but having said that the last update fix did it for me. I can now fly in europe with REX, fs traffic, and many high density airfields with impunity and carry out diversions and overshoots. I dare say there are one or two bugs here and there that will be fixed in time but I have found nothing that spoils my enjoyment of this great product.There is no doubt that those that try to use some of the orbyx sceneries all maxed out on some systems that are not quite at the forfront of technology may have a few issues but I am sure that even they with a bit of fiddling on the sliders can get a reasonable balance performance wise and still enjoy the 737ngx, as the two programs running togther do put an enormous strain on any system.So have a drink on me lads, i cant get away from my p.c much to my wifes disdain.

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