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In memory: Tenth Anniversary of 9/11, a Tribute

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This has been posted one day early so I can send you all this message:I ask of you, ladies, gentlemen, and fellow americans, that at 8:46am, we stop what we're doing, and spend that minute in solemn silence as we honor and pay our respects to all who were lost. This day marks ten years after we experienced a true horror, and in honor of the 2,977 men, women and children who died, and all those who bear the uniform and fight for freedom, we stand silent and motionless on that moment; lest we forget. 6133750365_00677ba880_z.jpg It was this day, ten years ago that the worst terrorist attack in American history, and probably one of the worst in the history of the world, occurred in New York City, and Washington D.C. it was that day, the four airliners, two from American and United each, were hijacked and crashed into targets, killing thousands of innocent people. American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into World Trade Center 1 at 8:46am; it was then, only seventeen minutes later that United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into World Trade Center 2. Soon thereafter, American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C, ay 9:37am. Then, United Airlines Flight 93 was hijacked, but the passenger’s perseverance and determination allowed them to band together and breach the cockpit; although they never gained control, the terrorist hijackers crashed the plane into a field in Pennsylvania, saving an untold amount of lives that may have been lost in the capitol building, or the White House. On that day, 2,977 lives were lost, mostly Americans, and many citizens too, from countries around the world. On that day, time stopped, and the United States and much of the world lay in shock; the United States, one of the safest countries in the world, had been attacked. On that day, the peace of mind that the United States had for 225 years, had been shaken. It was on that day that we witnessed the true capabilities of the evil, and how our peace of mind was no longer. I created this video to commemorate that day:


On that day, America changed; we instantly forgot our race, our sex, our political beliefs, and our meaningless quarrels and we all became one type of person. We stared in horror at our television screens, feeling helpless and confused as we sought answers. Answers came as time passed by, and we rebuilt, and fought back, and now, nearly ten years passed that event, we removed from this earth the evil that caused this, and you know who he is. It is now that I wish to take this time and honor all those who lost their lives that day. Abraham Lincoln said in his Gettysburg Address:“these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." Lincoln’s timeless words have seen a new meaning; during Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, he honored those lost in a terrible battle, and it again speaks clearly in regards to this horrible day. As a proud citizen of the United States of America, I ask you to set aside, your opinions, and your prejudices, and please take a moment of silence to honor all those who died on that faithful day. Those 2,977 men, women, and children, of all races, of all nationalities, and of all political beliefs, perished on that day in the hands of evil, and regardless of what this country is to you, for you who do not live here, please honor those who died, and those who’ve “…given the last full measure of devotion…”. It is with my most sincere and humble wishes for all readers today that you please honor those lost this day, and the tragedy that unfolded; I hope you all can take a moment of silence for my nation, and let us all pray to whoever our God is above us, that this never happen again.At 8:46am from whatever time zone you hail, or at 8:46am Eastern Time, please set down your joysticks, your books, your phones, and everything you’re doing, and spend a moment in silence to remember that day.Let us never forget those lost on that day, and be thankful that such an event never occurred again. On September 11, 2001, the United States of America was attacked, and we came together in a form high above what we have ever dreamed before. Many brave men and woman, in uniform, died that day in efforts to rescue those who survived; many more American Soldiers died in their dedication to this nation, and we are eternally grateful. This nation has strengthened again, and let us hope the world shall be forever safe from the evils that caused this. The date September 11, 2001 will never be forgotten, those who died and gave their lives shall never be forgotten, and let us always be thankful for what we have.“God Bless America” All these (below) people are gone from this earth, and their families, friends, nations, and all they ever knew were affected by this terrible event. Here is the list of all 2,977 people; may they never be forgotten.Gordon M. Aamoth, Jr.Edelmiro AbadMaria Rose AbadAndrew Anthony AbateVincent AbateLaurence Christopher AbelWilliam F. AbrahamsonRichard Anthony AcetoJesus Acevedo RescandHeinrich Bernhard AckermannPaul AcquavivaDonald LaRoy AdamsPatrick AdamsShannon Lewis AdamsStephen George AdamsIgnatius Udo AdangaChristy A. AddamoTerence E. Adderley, Jr.Sophia Buruwad AddoLee Allan AdlerDaniel Thomas AfflittoEmmanuel Akwasi AfuakwahAlok AgarwalMukul Kumar AgarwalaJoseph AgnelloDavid Scott AgnesBrian G. AhearnJeremiah Joseph AhernJoanne Marie AhladiotisShabbir AhmedTerrance Andre AikenGodwin AjalaGertrude M. AlageroAndrew AlamenoMargaret Ann AlarioGary M. AlberoJon Leslie AlbertPeter AldermanJacquelyn Delaine AldridgeDavid D. AlgerSarah Ali-EscarcegaErnest AlikakosEdward L. AllegrettoEric AllenJoseph Ryan AllenRichard Dennis AllenRichard Lanard AllenChristopher E. AllinghamJanet M. AlonsoArturo Alva-MorenoAnthony AlvaradoAntonio Javier AlvarezVictoria Alvarez-BritoTelmo E. AlvearCesar Amoranto AlviarTariq AmanullahAngelo AmarantoJames M. Amato Joseph AmatuccioChristopher Charles AmorosoKazuhiro AnaiCalixto Anaya, Jr.Joseph AnchundiaKermit Charles AndersonYvette Constance AndersonJohn AndreacchioMichael Rourke AndrewsJean Ann AndruckiSiew-Nya AngJoseph Angelini, Jr.Joseph Angelini, Sr.Laura AngillettaDoreen J. AngrisaniLorraine AntiguaPeter Paul ApolloFaustino Apostol, Jr.Frank Thomas AquilinoPatrick Michael AranyosDavid ArceMichael George ArczynskiLouis ArenaAdam P. AriasMichael ArmstrongJack Charles AronJoshua AronRichard Avery AronowJaphet Jesse AryeePatrick AsanteCarl AsaroMichael AsciakMichael Edward AsherJanice Marie AshleyThomas J. AshtonManuel O. AsitimbayGregg Arthur AtlasGerald T. AtwoodJames AudiffredLouis Frank Aversano, Jr.Ezra AvilesSandy AyalaArlene T. BabakitisEustace P. BacchusJohn J. BadagliaccaJane Ellen BaeszlerRobert J. BaierwalterAndrew J. BaileyBrett T. BaileyTatyana BakalinskayaMichael S. BakshSharon M. BalkcomMichael Andrew BaneKatherine BantisGerard BaptisteWalter BaranGerard A. BarbaraPaul Vincent BarbaroJames William BarbellaIvan Kyrillos F. BarbosaVictor Daniel BarbosaColleen Ann BarkowDavid Michael BarkwayMatthew BarnesSheila Patricia BarnesEvan J. BaronRenee Barrett-ArjuneNathaly Barrios La CruzArthur Thaddeus BarryDiane G. BarryMaurice Vincent BarryScott D. BartCarlton W. BartelsGuy BarzviInna B. BasinaAlysia BasmajianKenneth William BasnickiSteven BatesPaul James BattagliaWalter David Bauer, Jr.Marlyn Capito BautistaJasper BaxterMichele BealePaul Frederick BeatiniJane S. BeattyLawrence Ira BeckManette Marie BecklesCarl John BedigianMichael Earnest BeekmanMaria A. BehrYelena BelilovskyNina Patrice BellDebbie BellowsStephen Elliot BelsonPaul M. BenedettiDenise Lenore BenedettoMaria BengocheaBryan Craig BennettEric L. BennettOliver Duncan BennettMargaret L. BensonDominick J. BerardiJames Patrick BergerSteven Howard BergerJohn P. BerginAlvin BergsohnDaniel BergsteinMichael J. BerkeleyDonna M. BernaertsDavid W. BernardWilliam BernsteinDavid M. BerrayDavid S. BerryJoseph J. BerryWilliam Reed BethkeTimothy BetterlyEdward Frank BeyeaPaul BeyerAnil Tahilram BharvaneyBella J. BhukhanShimmy D. BiegeleisenPeter Alexander BielfeldWilliam G. BiggartBrian BilcherCarl Vincent BiniGary Eugene BirdJoshua David BirnbaumGeorge John BishopJeffrey Donald BittnerAlbert Balewa Blackman, Jr.Christopher Joseph BlackwellSusan Leigh BlairHarry Blanding, Jr.Janice Lee BlaneyCraig Michael BlassRita BlauRichard Middleton Blood, Jr.Michael Andrew BoccardiJohn P. BocchiMichael Leopoldo BocchinoSusan M. BochinoBruce D. BoehmMary Catherine BoffaNicholas Andrew BogdanDarren Christopher BohanLawrence Francis BoisseauVincent M. Boland, Jr.Alan BondarenkoAndre Bonheur, Jr.Colin Arthur BonnettFrank BonomoYvonne Lucia BonomoGenieve Bonsignore, 3Seaon BookerSherry Ann BordeauxKrystine BordenabeMartin BoryczewskiRichard Edward BoscoJohn H. BoultonFrancisco Eligio BourdierThomas Harold Bowden, Jr.Kimberly S. BowersVeronique Nicole BowersLarry BowmanShawn Edward Bowman, Jr.Kevin L. BowserGary R. BoxGennady BoyarskyPamela BoyceMichael BoyleAlfred BracaKevin BrackenDavid Brian BradyAlexander BraginskyNicholas W. BrandemartiMichelle Renee BrattonPatrice BrautLydia E. BravoRonald Michael BreitweiserEdward A. Brennan IIIFrancis Henry BrennanMichael E. BrennanPeter BrennanThomas M. BrennanDaniel J. BrethelGary Lee BrightJonathan BrileyMark A. BrismanPaul Gary BristowMark Francis BroderickHerman Charles BroghammerKeith A. BroomfieldEthel Brown JaniceJuloise BrownLloyd Stanford BrownPatrick J. BrownBettina BrowneMark BruceRichard George BruehertAndrew BrunnVincent BruntonRonald Paul BuccaBrandon J. BuchananGregory Joseph BuckDennis BuckleyNancy Clare BuechePatrick Joseph BuhseJohn Edwards Bulaga, Jr.Stephen BuninMatthew J. BurkeThomas Daniel BurkeWilliam Francis Burke, Jr.Donald J. BurnsKathleen Anne BurnsKeith James BurnsJohn Patrick BurnsideIrina BusloMilton G. BustilloThomas M. ButlerPatrick ByrneTimothy G. ByrneJesus Neptali CabezasLillian CaceresBrian Joseph CachiaSteven Dennis Cafiero, Jr.Richard M. CaggianoCecile Marella CaguiclaMichael John CahillScott Walter CahillThomas Joseph CahillGeorge CainSalvatore B. CalabroJoseph CalandrilloPhilip V. CalcagnoEdward CalderonKenneth Marcus CaldwellDominick Enrico CaliaFelix CalixteFrank CallahanLiam CallahanLuigi CalviRoko CamajMichael F. CammarataDavid Otey CampbellGeoffrey Thomas CampbellJill Marie CampbellRobert Arthur CampbellSandra Patricia CampbellSean Thomas CanavanJohn A. CandelaVincent CangelosiStephen J. CangialosiLisa Bella CannavaBrian CannizzaroMichael CantyLouis Anthony CaporicciJonathan Neff CappelloJames Christopher CappersRichard Michael CaproniJose Manuel CardonaDennis M. CareySteve CareyEdward CarlinoMichael Scott CarloDavid G. CarloneRosemarie C. CarlsonMark Stephen CarneyJoyce Ann CarpenetoIvhan Luis Carpio BautistaJeremy M. CarringtonMichael CarrollPeter CarrollJames Joseph Carson, Jr.Marcia Cecil CarterJames Marcel CartierVivian CasalducJohn Francis CasazzaPaul R. CascioMargarito CasillasThomas Anthony CasoriaWilliam Otto CasparAlejandro CastanoArcelia CastilloGermaan Castillo GarciaLeonard M. CastriannoJose Ramon CastroRichard G. CatarelliChristopher Sean CatonRobert John CaufieldMary Teresa CaulfieldJudson CavalierMichael Joseph CawleyJason David CayneJuan Armando CeballosJason Michael CefaluThomas Joseph CelicAna Mercedes CentenoJoni CestaJeffrey Marc ChairnoffSwarna ChalasaniWilliam ChalcoffEli ChalouhCharles Lawrence ChanMandy ChangMark Lawrence CharetteGregorio Manuel ChavezDelrose E. CheathamPedro Francisco ChecoDouglas MacMillan CherryStephen Patrick CherryVernon Paul CherryNester Julio ChevalierSwede ChevalierAlexander H. ChiangDorothy J. ChiarchiaroLuis Alfonso ChimboRobert ChinWing Wai ChingNicholas Paul ChiofaloJohn ChipuraPeter A. ChirchirilloCatherine ChirlsKyung Hee ChoAbul K. ChowdhuryMohammad Salahuddin ChowdhuryKirsten L. ChristophePamela ChuSteven ChucknickWai ChungChristopher CiafardiniAlex F. CicconeFrances Ann CilenteElaine CilloEdna CintronNestor Andre Cintron IIIRobert Dominick CirriJuan Pablo Cisneros-AlvarezBenjamin Keefe ClarkEugene ClarkGregory Alan ClarkMannie Leroy ClarkThomas R. ClarkChristopher Robert ClarkeDonna Marie ClarkeMichael J. ClarkeSuria Rachel Emma ClarkeKevin Francis ClearyJames D. CleereGeoffrey W. CloudSusan Marie ClyneSteven CoakleyJeffrey Alan CoalePatricia A. CodyDaniel Michael CoffeyJason M. CoffeyFlorence G. CohenKevin Sanford CohenAnthony Joseph ColadonatoMark Joseph ColaioStephen ColaioChristopher M. ColasantiKevin Nathaniel ColbertMichel P. ColbertKeith E. ColemanScott Thomas ColemanTarel ColemanLiam Joseph ColhounRobert D. ColinRobert J. CollJean CollinJohn Michael CollinsMichael L. CollinsThomas J. CollinsJoseph CollisonPatricia Malia ColodnerLinda M. ColonSol E. ColonRonald Edward ComerSandra Jolane Conaty BraceJaime ConcepcionAlbert CondeDenease ConleySusan P. ConlonMargaret Mary ConnerCynthia Marie Lise ConnollyJohn E. Connolly, Jr.James Lee ConnorJonathan M. ConnorsKevin Patrick ConnorsKevin F. ConroyJose Manuel Contreras-FernandezBrenda E. ConwayDennis Michael CookHelen D. CookJohn A. CooperJoseph John Coppo, Jr.Gerard J. CoppolaJoseph Albert CorbettAlejandro CorderoRobert CordiceRuben D. CorreaDanny A. Correa-GutierrezJames J. CorriganCarlos CortesKevin CosgroveDolores Marie CostaDigna Alexandra CostanzaCharles Gregory Costello, Jr.Michael S. CostelloConrod K. CottoyMartin John CoughlanJohn Gerard CoughlinTimothy J. CoughlinJames E. CoveAndre CoxFrederick John CoxJames Raymond CoyleMichele Coyle-EulauAnne Marie CramerChristopher S. CramerDenise Elizabeth CrantJames Leslie Crawford, Jr.Robert James CrawfordJoanne Mary CreganLucy CrifasiJohn A. CrisciDaniel Hal CrismanDennis CrossKevin Raymond CrottyThomas G. CrottyJohn CroweWelles Remy CrowtherRobert L. CruikshankJohn Robert CruzGrace Yu CuaKenneth John CubasFrancisco Cruz CuberoRichard J. CudinaNeil James CudmoreThomas Patrick Cullen lllJoyce CummingsBrian Thomas CumminsMichael CunninghamRobert CuratoloLaurence Damian CuriaPaul Dario CurioliBeverly CurryMichael S. CurtinGavin CushnyJohn D'AllaraVincent Gerard D'AmadeoJack D'AmbrosiMary D'AntonioEdward A. D'AtriMichael D. D'AuriaMichael Jude D'EspositoManuel John Da MotaCaleb Arron DackCarlos S. DaCostaJoao Alberto DaFonseca Aguiar, Jr.Thomas A. DamaskinosJeannine Marie Damiani-JonesPatrick W. DanahyNana DansoVincent DanzDwight Donald DarcyElizabeth Ann DarlingAnnette Andrea DataramLawrence DavidsonMichael Allen DavidsonScott Matthew DavidsonTitus DavidsonNiurka DavilaClinton DavisWayne Terrial DavisAnthony Richard DawsonCalvin DawsonEdward James DayJayceryll de ChavezJennifer De JesusMonique E. De JesusNereida De JesusEmerita De La PenaAzucena Maria de la TorreDavid Paul De RubbioJemal Legesse De SantisChristian Louis De SimoneMelanie Louise De VereWilliam Thomas DeanRobert J. DeAngelis, Jr.Thomas Patrick DeAngelisTara E. DebekAnna Marjia DeBinJames V. DeblasePaul DeColaSimon Marash DedvukajJason DefazioDavid A. DeFeoManuel Del Valle, Jr.Donald Arthur DelapenhaVito Joseph DeLeoDanielle Anne DelieJoseph A. Della PietraAndrea DellaBellaPalmina DelliGattiColleen Ann DelougheryFrancis Albert DeMartiniAnthony DemasMartin N. DeMeoFrancis DemingCarol K. DemitzKevin DennisThomas F. DennisJean DePalmaJose DepenaRobert John DeraneyMichael DeRienzoEdward DeSimone IIIAndrew DesperitoCindy Ann DeuelJerry DeVitoRobert P. Devitt, Jr.Dennis Lawrence DevlinGerard DewanSulemanali Kassamali DhananiPatricia Florence Di ChiaroDebra Ann Di MartinoMichael Louis DiagostinoMatthew DiazNancy DiazRafael Arturo DiazMichael A. Diaz-Piedra IIIJudith Berquis Diaz-SierraJoseph Dermot Dickey, Jr.Lawrence Patrick DickinsonMichael D. DiehlJohn DifatoVincent DifazioCarl Anthony DiFrancoDonald DifrancoStephen Patrick DiminoWilliam John DimmlingMarisa DiNardo SchorppChristopher M. DincuffJeffrey Mark DingleAnthony DionisioGeorge DiPasqualeJoseph DipilatoDouglas Frank DiStefanoRamzi A. DoanyJohn Joseph DohertyMelissa C. DoiBrendan DolanNeil Matthew DollardJames Joseph DomanicoBenilda Pascua DomingoCarlos DominguezJerome Mark Patrick DominguezKevin W. DonnellyJacqueline DonovanStephen Scott DorfThomas DowdKevin DowdellMary Yolanda DowlingRaymond Mathew DowneyFrank Joseph DoyleJoseph Michael DoyleStephen Patrick DriscollMirna A. DuarteMichelle Beale DuberryLuke A. DudekChristopher Michael DuffyGerard DuffyMichael Joseph DuffyThomas W. DuffyAntoinette DugerSareve DukatChristopher Joseph DunneRichard Anthony DunstanPatrick Thomas DwyerJoseph Anthony EacobacciJohn Bruce EaglesonRobert Douglas EatonDean Phillip EberlingMargaret Ruth EchtermannPaul Robert EcknaConstantine EconomosDennis Michael EdwardsMichael Hardy EdwardsChristine EganLisa EganMartin J. Egan, Jr.Michael EganSamantha Martin EganCarole EggertLisa Caren EhrlichJohn Ernst EichlerEric Adam EisenbergDaphne Ferlinda ElderMichael J. ElferisMark Joseph EllisValerie Silver EllisAlbert Alfy William ElmarryEdgar Hendricks Emery, Jr.Doris Suk-Yuen EngChristopher EppsUlf Ramm EricsonErwin L. ErkerWilliam John ErwinJose EspinalFanny EspinozaBridget Ann EspositoFrancis EspositoMichael EspositoWilliam EspositoRuben Esquilin, Jr.Sadie EtteBarbara G. EtzoldEric Brian EvansRobert EvansMeredith Emily June EwartCatherine K. FaganPatricia Mary FaganKeith George FairbenSandra Fajardo-SmithWilliam F. FallonWilliam Lawrence Fallon, Jr.Anthony J. Fallone, Jr.Dolores Brigitte FanelliJohn Joseph FanningKathleen Anne FaragherThomas FarinoNancy Carole FarleyElizabeth Ann FarmerDouglas Jon FarnumJohn G. FarrellJohn W. FarrellTerrence Patrick FarrellJoseph D. FarrellyThomas Patrick FarrellySyed Abdul FathaChristopher Edward FaughnanWendy R. FaulknerShannon Marie FavaBernard D. FavuzzaRobert Fazio, Jr.Ronald Carl FazioWilliam FeehanFrancis Jude FeelyGarth Erin FeeneySean B. FeganLee S. FehlingPeter Adam FeidelbergAlan D. FeinbergRosa Maria FelicianoEdward Thomas Fergus, Jr.George FergusonHenry FernandezJudy Hazel FernandezJulio FernandezElisa Giselle FerrainaAnne Marie Sallerin FerreiraRobert John FerrisDavid Francis FerrugioLouis V. FersiniMichael David FerugioBradley James FetchetJennifer Louise FialkoKristen Nicole FiedelSamuel FieldsMichael Bradley FinneganTimothy J. FinnertyMichael Curtis FioreStephen S R Fiorelli, Sr.Paul M. FioriJohn B. FioritoJohn R. FischerAndrew FisherBennett Lawson FisherJohn Roger FisherThomas J. FisherLucy A. FishmanRyan D. FitzgeraldThomas James FitzpatrickRichard P. FitzsimonsSalvatore FiumefreddoChristina Donovan FlanneryEileen FlechaAndre G. FletcherCarl M. FlickingerJohn Joseph FlorioJoseph Walken FloundersDavid FodorMichael N. FodorStephen Mark FogelThomas FoleyDavid J. FontanaChih Min FooGodwin FordeDonald A. ForemanChristopher Hugh ForsytheClaudia Alicia FosterNoel John FosterAna FosterisRobert Joseph FotiJeffrey FoxVirginia FoxPauline FrancisVirgin FrancisGary Jay FrankMorton H. FrankPeter Christopher FrankRichard K. FraserKevin J. FrawleyClyde Frazier, Jr.Lillian Inez FrederickAndrew FredricksTamitha FreemanBrett Owen FreimanPeter L. FreundArlene Eva FriedAlan Wayne FriedlanderAndrew Keith FriedmanGregg J. FroehnerPeter Christian FryClement A. FumandoSteven Elliot FurmanPaul FurmatoFredric Neal GablerRichard Samuel Federick GabrielleJames Andrew GadielPamela Lee GaffErvin Vincent GailliardDeanna Lynn GalanteGrace Catherine GalanteAnthony Edward GallagherDaniel James GallagherJohn Patrick GallagherLourdes GallettiCono E. GalloVincenzo GallucciThomas E. GalvinGiovanna Galletta GambaleThomas Gambino, Jr.Giann Franco GamboaPeter GanciLadkat K. GaneshClaude Michael GannOsseni GarbaCharles William GarbariniCeasar GarciaDavid GarciaJuan GarciaMarlyn Del Carmen GarciaChristopher S. GardnerDouglas Benjamin GardnerHarvey J. Gardner IIIJeffrey Brian GardnerThomas GardnerWilliam Arthur GardnerFrancesco GarfiRocco Nino GarganoJames M. GartenbergMatthew David GarveyBruce GaryBoyd Alan GattonDonald Richard Gavagan, Jr.Terence D. GazzaniGary GeidelPaul Hamilton GeierJulie M. GeisPeter G. GelinasSteven Paul GellerHoward G. GellingPeter Victor Genco, Jr.Steven Gregory GenoveseAlayne GentulEdward F. GeraghtySuzanne GeratyRalph GerhardtRobert GerlichDenis P. GermainMarina Romanovna GertsbergSusan M. GetzendannerJames G. GeyerJoseph M. GiacconeVincent Francis GiammonaDebra Lynn GibbonJames Andrew GibersonCraig Neil GibsonRonnie E. GiesLaura A. GiglioAndrew Clive GilbertTimothy Paul GilbertPaul Stuart GilbeyPaul John GillMark Y. GillesEvan GilletteRonald Lawrence GilliganRodney C. GillisLaura GillyJohn F. GinleyDonna Marie GiordanoJeffrey John GiordanoJohn GiordanoSteven A. GiorgettiMartin GiovinazzoKum-Kum GirolamoSalvatore GittoCynthia GiuglianoMon GjonbalajDianne GladstoneKeith GlascoeThomas Irwin GlasserHarry GlennBarry H. GlickSteven GlickJohn T. GnazzoWilliam Robert GodshalkMichael GogliormellaBrian Fredric GoldbergJeffrey Grant GoldflamMichelle GoldsteinMonica GoldsteinSteven GoldsteinAndrew H. GolkinDennis James GomesEnrique Antonio GomezJose Bienvenido GomezManuel Gomez, Jr.Wilder Alfredo GomezJenine Nicole GonzalezMauricio GonzalezRosa GonzalezCalvin J. GoodingHarry GoodyKiran Reddy GopuCatherine C. GorayebKerene GordonSebastian GorkiKieran Joseph GormanThomas Edward GormanMichael Edward GouldYuji GoyaJon Richard GrabowskiChristopher Michael GradyEdwin J. Graf IIIDavid Martin GraifmanGilbert Franco GranadosElvira GranittoWinston Arthur GrantChristopher S. GrayJames Michael GrayTara McCloud GrayLinda Catherine GraylingJohn M. GraziosoTimothy George GraziosoDerrick Auther GreenWade B. GreenElaine Myra GreenbergGayle R. GreeneJames Arthur Greenleaf, Jr.Eileen Marsha GreensteinElizabeth Martin GreggDenise GregoryDonald H. GregoryFlorence Moran GregoryPedro GrehanJohn Michael GriffinTawanna Sherry GriffinJoan Donna GriffithWarren GrifkaRamon GrijalvoJoseph F. GrilloDavid Joseph GrimnerKenneth George GrouzalisJoseph GrzelakMatthew James GrzymalskiRobert Joseph GschaarLiming GuJose GuadalupeCindy Yan Zhu GuanJoel Guevara GonzalezGeoffrey E. GujaJoseph GullicksonBabita Girjamatie GumanDouglas Brian GurianJanet Ruth GustafsonPhilip T. GuzaBarbara GuzzardoPeter M. GyulavaryGary Robert HaagAndrea Lyn HabermanBarbara Mary HabibPhilip HaentzlerNezam A. HafizKaren Elizabeth HagertySteven Michael HagisMary Lou HagueDavid HaldermanMaile Rachel HaleRichard B. HallVaswald George HallRobert J. HalliganVincent Gerard HalloranJames Douglas HalvorsonMohammad Salman HamdaniFelicia HamiltonRobert HamiltonFrederic K. HanChristopher J. HanleySean S. HanleyValerie Joan HannaThomas HannafinKevin James HannafordMichael Lawrence HannanDana R HannonVassilios G. HaramisJames A. HaranJeffrey Pike HardyTimothy John HargraveDaniel Edward HarlinFrances HarosHarvey HarrellStephen G. HarrellMelissa Marie HarringtonAisha Anne HarrisStewart Dennis HarrisJohn Patrick HartJohn Clinton HartzEmeric HarveyThomas Theodore Haskell, Jr.Timothy HaskellJoseph John Hasson IIILeonard W. HattonTerence S. HattonMichael HaubTimothy Aaron HavilandDonald G. Havlish, Jr.Anthony HawkinsNobuhiro HayatsuPhilip HayesWilliam Ward HaynesScott Jordan HazelcornMichael K. HealeyRoberta B. HeberCharles Francis Xavier HeeranJohn F. HeffernanH. Joseph Heller, Jr.Joann L. HeltibridleMark F. HemschootRonnie Lee HendersonBrian HennesseyMichelle Marie HenriqueJoseph HenryWilliam HenryJohn Christopher HenwoodRobert Allan HepburnMary HerenciaLindsay C. Herkness IIIHarvey Robert HermerClaribel HernandezEduardo HernandezNuberto HernandezRaul HernandezGary HeroldJeffrey A. HerschThomas HetzelBrian HickeyYsidro HidalgoTimothy HigginsRobert D. W. Higley IITodd Russell HillClara Victorine HindsNeal O. HindsMark D. HindyKatsuyuki HiraiHeather Malia HoTara Yvette HobbsThomas Anderson HobbsJames J. HobinRobert Wayne HobsonDaJuan HodgesRonald George HoernerPatrick A. HoeyMarcia HoffmanStephen G. HoffmanFrederick Joseph HoffmannMichele L. HoffmannJudith Florence HofmillerThomas Warren Hohlweck, Jr.Jonathan R. HohmannJohn HollandJoseph F. HollandElizabeth HolmesThomas HolohanBradley HoornJames P. HopperMontgomery McCullough HordMichael HornMatthew Douglas HorningRobert L. Horohoe, Jr.Aaron HorwitzCharles HoustonUhuru G. HoustonGeorge HowardMichael C. HowellSteven Leon HowellJennifer L. HowleyMilagros HromadaMarian R. HrycakStephen Huczko, Jr.Kris Robert HughesPaul Rexford HughesRobert Thomas HughesThomas HughesTimothy Robert HughesSusan HuieLamar HulseWilliam Christopher HuntKathleen Anne Hunt-CaseyJoseph HunterRobert R. HussaAbid HussainThomas Edward HynesWalter G. HynesJoseph Anthony IanelliZuhtu IbisJonathan Lee IelpiMichael IkenDaniel IlkanayevFrederick Ill, Jr.Abraham Nethanel IlowitzAnthony P. Infante, Jr.Louis S. Inghilterra, Jr.Christopher Noble IngrassiaPaul InnellaStephanie Veronica IrbyDouglas IrgangKristin A. Irvine RyanTodd Antione IsaacErik IsbrandtsenTaizo IshikawaAram Iskenderian, Jr.John F. IskyanKazushige ItoAleksandr Valeryevich IvantsovVirginia May JablonskiBrooke Alexandra JackmanAaron Jeremy JacobsAriel Louis JacobsJason Kyle JacobsMichael Grady JacobsSteven A. JacobsonRicknauth JaggernauthJake Denis JagodaYudh Vir Singh JainMaria JakubiakErnest JamesGricelda E. JamesPriscilla JamesMark Steven JardimMuhammadou JawaraFrancois Jean-PierreMaxima Jean-PierrePaul Edward JeffersAlva Cynthia Jeffries SanchezJoseph Jenkins, Jr.Alan Keith JensenPrem N. JerathFarah JeudyHweidar JianEliezer Jimenez, Jr.Luis Jimenez, Jr.Fernando Jimenez-MolinaCharles Gregory JohnNicholas JohnLaShawna JohnsonScott Michael JohnsonWilliam R. JohnstonAllison Horstmann JonesArthur Joseph JonesBrian Leander JonesChristopher D. JonesDonald T. JonesDonald W. JonesLinda JonesMary S. JonesAndrew JordanRobert Thomas JordanAlbert Gunnia JosephGuylene JosephIngeborg JosephKarl Henry JosephStephen JosephJane Eileen JosiahAnthony JovicAngel L. Juarbe, Jr.Karen Sue JudayMychal F. JudgePaul William JurgensThomas Edward JurgensKacinga KabeyaShashikiran Lakshmikantha KadabaGavkharoy KamardinovaShari KandellHoward Lee KaneJennifer Lynn KaneVincent D. KaneJoon Koo KangSheldon Robert KanterDeborah H. KaplanAlvin Peter Kappelmann, Jr.Charles KarczewskiWilliam A. KarnesDouglas Gene KarpiloffCharles L. KasperAndrew K. KatesJohn KatsimatidesRobert Michael KaulfersDon Jerome Kauth, Jr.Hideya KawauchiEdward T. KeaneRichard M. KeaneLisa Yvonne Kearney-GriffinKarol Ann KeaslerPaul Hanlon KeatingLeo Russell Keene IIIJoseph John KellerPeter R. KellermanJoseph P. KellettFrederick H. Kelley, Jr.James Joseph KellyJoseph A. KellyMaurice P. KellyRichard John Kelly, Jr.Thomas Michael KellyThomas Richard KellyThomas W. KellyTimothy Colin KellyWilliam Hill Kelly, Jr.Robert Clinton KennedyThomas J. KennedyJohn R. KeohaneRonald T. KerwinHoward L. KestenbaumDouglas D. KetchamRuth Ellen KetlerBoris KhalifSarah KhanTaimour Firaz KhanRajesh KhandelwalOliva KhemratSeiLai KhooMichael KieferSatoshi KikuchiharaAndrew Jay-Hoon KimLawrence D. KimMary Jo KimelmanAndrew M. KingLucille Teresa KingRobert King, Jr.Lisa King-JohnsonTakashi KinoshitaChris Michael KirbyHoward Barry KirschbaumGlenn Davis KirwinHelen Crossin KittleRichard Joseph KlaresPeter Anton KleinAlan David KleinbergKaren Joyce KlitzmanRonald Philip KloepferEvgueni KniazevAndrew KnoxThomas Patrick KnoxRebecca Lee KoborieDeborah A. KobusGary Edward KoechelerFrank J. KoestnerRyan KohartVanessa KolpakIrina KolpakovaSuzanne KondratenkoAbdoulaye KoneBon-Seok KooDorota KopiczkoScott KopytkoBojan KosticDanielle KousoulisJohn J. KrenWilliam E. KrukowskiLyudmila KsidoShekhar KumarKenneth KumpelFrederick Kuo, Jr.Patricia KurasNauka KushitaniThomas KuveikisVictor KwarkyeKui Fai KwokAngela Reed KyteAndrew La CorteAmarnauth LachhmanJames Patrick LadleyJoseph A. LaFalceJeanette Louise Lafond-MenichinoDavid LaforgeMichael LaforteAlan Charles LaFranceJuan LafuenteNeil Kwong-Wah LaiVincent Anthony LaietaWilliam David LakeFranco LalamaChow Kwan LamStephen LaMantiaAmy Hope LamonsoffNickola LampleyRobert LaneBrendan Mark LangRosanne P. LangVanessa LangerMary Louise LangleyPeter J. LangoneThomas Michael LangoneMichele Bernadette LanzaRuth Sheila LapinCarol Ann LaPlanteIngeborg LaribyRobin Blair LarkeyChristopher Randall LarrabeeHamidou S. LarryScott LarsenJohn Adam LarsonGary Edward LaskoNicholas Craig LassmanPaul LaszczynskiJeffrey G. LaToucheCharles LaurencinStephen James LauriaMaria LaVacheDenis Francis LavelleJeannine Mary LaVerdeAnna A. LavertySteven LawnRobert LawrenceNathaniel LawsonEugen Gabriel LazarJames Patrick LeahyJoseph Gerard LeaveyNeil Joseph LeavyLeon LeborKenneth Charles LedeeAlan J. LedermanElena F. LedesmaAlexis LeducDavid S. LeeGary H. LeeHyun Joon LeeJuanita LeeKathryn Blair LeeLinda C. LeeLorraine Mary LeeMyoung Woo LeeRichard Y. LeeStuart Soo-Jin LeeYang Der LeeStephen Paul LefkowitzAdriana LegroEdward Joseph LehmanEric Andrew LehrfeldDavid LeistmanDavid Prudencio LemagneJoseph Anthony LenihanJohn Joseph Lennon, Jr.John Robinson LenoirJorge Luis LeonMatthew Gerard LeonardMichael LeporeCharles A. LesperanceJeff LeveenJohn Dennis LeviAlisha Caren LevinNeil David LevinRobert LevineRobert Michael LevineShai LevinharAdam Jay LewisMargaret Susan LewisYe Wei LiangOrasri LiangthanasarnDaniel F. LibrettiRalph LicciardiEdward LichtscheinSteven Barry LillianthalCarlos R. LilloCraig Damian LiloreArnold A. LimDarya LinWei Rong LinNickie L. LindoThomas V. Linehan, Jr.Robert Thomas LinnaneAlan P. Linton, Jr.Diane Theresa LipariKenneth LiraFrancisco Alberto LirianoLorraine LisiPaul LissonVincent M. LittoMing-Hao LiuNancy LizHarold LizcanoMartin LizzulGeorge A. LlanesElizabeth C. LoglerCatherine Lisa LoguidiceJerome Robert LohezMichael William LomaxLaura Maria LongingSalvatore LopesDaniel LopezGeorge LopezLuis Manuel LopezManuel L. LopezJoseph LostrangioChet Dek LouieStuart Seid LouisJoseph LoveroJenny Seu Kueng Low WongMichael W. LoweGarry W. LozierJohn Peter LozowskyCharles Peter LucaniaEdward Hobbs LuckettMark Gavin LudvigsenLee Charles LudwigSean Thomas LuganoDaniel LugoMarie LukasWilliam Lum, Jr.Michael P. LundenChristopher LunderAnthony LuparelloGary Frederick LutnickWilliam LutzLinda Anne LuzziconeAlexander LyginFarrell Peter LynchJames Francis LynchLouise A. LynchMichael Cameron LynchMichael F. LynchMichael Francis LynchRichard D. Lynch, Jr.Robert Henry Lynch, Jr.Sean P. LynchSean Patrick LynchMichael J. LyonsMonica Anne LyonsPatrick LyonsRobert Francis MaceJan MaciejewskiCatherine Fairfax MacraeRichard Blaine MaddenSimon Maddison Noell MaerzJennieann MaffeoJoseph MaffeoJay Robert MagazineBrian MageeCharles Wilson MageeJoseph V. MaggittiRonald MagnusonDaniel L. MaherThomas Anthony MahonWilliam J. MahoneyJoseph Daniel MaioTakashi MakimotoAbdu Ali MalahiDebora I. MaldonadoMyrna T. Maldonado-AgostoAlfred Russell MalerGregory James MaloneEdward Francis Maloney IIIJoseph MaloneyGene Edward MaloyChristian MaltbyFrancisco Miguel ManciniJoseph ManganoSara Elizabeth ManleyDebra MannettaMarion Victoria ManningTerence John ManningJames MaounisJoseph Ross Marchbanks, Jr.Peter Edward MardikianEdward Joseph MardovichCharles Joseph MargiottaKenneth Joseph MarinoLester V. MarinoVita MarinoKevin MarloJose MarreroJohn MarshallJames MartelloMichael A. MartiPeter C. MartinWilliam J. Martin, Jr.Brian E. MartineauBetsy MartinezEdward MartinezJose Angel Martinez, Jr.Robert Gabriel MartinezVictor Martinez PastranaLizie D. Martinez-CalderonPaul Richard MartiniJoseph A. MascaliBernard MascarenhasStephen Frank MasiNicholas George MassaPatricia Ann MassariMichael MassaroliPhilip William Mastrandrea, Jr.Rudolph MastrocinqueJoseph MathaiCharles MathersWilliam A. MathesenMarcello MatriccianoMargaret Elaine MatticRobert D. MattsonWalter MatuzaCharles A. Mauro, Jr.Charles J. MauroDorothy MauroNancy T. MauroTyrone MayKeithroy Marcellus MaynardRobert J. MayoKathy Nancy MazzaEdward Mazzella, Jr.Jennifer Lynn MazzottaKaaria MbayaJames Joseph McAlaryBrian McAleesePatricia Ann McAneneyColin Robert McArthurJohn Kevin McAvoyKenneth M. McBrayerBrendan McCabeMicheal McCabeThomas McCannJustin McCarthyKevin M. McCarthyMichael McCarthyRobert McCarthyStanley McCaskillKatie Marie McCloskeyJoan McConnell-CullinanCharles Austin McCrannTonyell F. McDayMatthew T. McDermottJoseph P. McDonaldBrian Grady McDonnellMichael P. McDonnellJohn McDowell, Jr.Eamon J. McEneaneyJohn Thomas McErlean, Jr.Daniel Francis McGinleyMark Ryan McGinlyWilliam E. McGinnThomas Henry MCGinnisMichael Gregory McGintyAnn McGovernScott Martin McGovernWilliam McGovernStacey Sennas McGowanFrancis Noel McGuinnPatrick McGuireThomas M. McHaleKeith McHeffeyAnn M. McHughDenis J. McHugh IIIDennis McHughMichael E. McHughRobert G. McIlvaineDonald James McIntyreStephanie Marie McKennaBarry J. McKeonEvelyn C. McKinnedyDarryl Leron McKinneyGeorge Patrick McLaughlin, Jr.Robert C. McLaughlin, Jr.Gavin McMahonRobert D. McMahonEdmund McNallyDaniel W. McNealWalter Arthur McNeilJisley McNishChristine Sheila McNultySean Peter McNultyRobert McPaddenTerence A. McShaneTimothy Patrick McSweeneyMartin E. McWilliamsRocco A. MedagliaAbigail Cales MedinaAna Iris MedinaDeborah Louise MedwigDamian MeehanWilliam J. MeehanAlok MehtaRaymond MeisenheimerManuel Emilio MejiaEskedar MelakuAntonio MelendezMary MelendezYelena MelnichenkoStuart Todd MeltzerDiarelia Jovanah MenaCharles MendezLizette MendozaShevonne Olicia MentisSteven MercadoWestly MercerRalph Joseph MercurioAlan Harvey MerdingerGeorge L. MerinoYamel MerinoGeorge MerkourisDeborah MerrickRaymond Joseph Metz IIIJill Ann MetzlerDavid Robert MeyerNurul H. MiahWilliam Edward MicciulliMartin Paul MichelsteinPeter Teague MilanoGregory MilanowyczLukasz Tomasz MilewskiSharon Christina MillanCorey Peter MillerCraig James MillerDouglas Charles MillerHenry Alfred Miller, Jr.Joel MillerMichael Matthew MillerPhilip D. MillerRobert Alan MillerRobert Cromwell Miller, Jr.Benjamin MillmanCharles Morris MillsRonald Keith MilsteinRobert MinaraWilliam George MinardiDiakite MinataLouis Joseph MinervinoThomas MingioneWilbert MirailleDominick N. MircovichRajesh Arjan MirpuriJoseph MistrulliSusan J. MiszkowiczPaul Thomas MitchellRichard P. MiuccioFrank V. Moccia, Sr.Louis Joseph ModafferiBoyie MohammedDennis MojicaManuel MojicaKleber MolinaManuel De ******* MolinaCarl MolinaroJustin MolisaniBrian MonaghanFranklin MonahanJohn MonahanKristen MontanaroCraig MontanoMichael MontesiJeffrey MontgomeryPeter MontoulieuCheryl Ann MonyakThomas MoodySharon MooreKrishna MoorthyAbner MoralesCarlos Manuel MoralesLuis MoralesPaula E. Morales John MoranJohn Chrisopher MoranKathleen MoranLindsay Stapleton MorehouseGeorge MorellSteven P. MorelloVincent S. MorelloYvette Nicole MorenoDorothy MorganRichard MorganNancy MorgensternSanae MoriBlanca Robertina MorochoLeonel Geronimo MorochoDennis Gerard MoroneyLynne Irene MorrisSeth Allan MorrisStephen Philip MorrisChristopher Martel MorrisonJorge Luis Morron GarciaFerdinand V. MorroneWilliam David MoskalMarco MotroniCynthia Motus-WilsonIouri A. MouchinskiJude Joseph MoussaPeter MoutosDamion O'Neil MowattChristopher MozzilloStephen Vincent MulderryRichard Muldowney JrMichael D. MullanDennis Michael MulliganPeter James MulliganMichael Joseph MullinJames Donald MunhallNancy MunizCarlos MunozFrank MunozTheresa MunsonRobert M. MurachCesar Augusto MurilloMarc A. MuroloBrian Joseph MurphyCharles Anthony MurphyChristopher W. MurphyEdward Charles MurphyJames F. Murphy IvJames Thomas MurphyKevin James MurphyPatrick Sean MurphyRaymond E. MurphyRobert Eddie Murphy, Jr.John Joseph MurrayJohn Joseph Murray, Jr.Susan D. MurrayValerie Victoria MurrayRichard Todd MyhreRobert B. NagelTakuya NakamuraAlexander NapierFrank Joseph Naples IIIJohn NapolitanoCatherine Ann NardellaMario Nardone, Jr.Manika K. NarulaMehmood NaseemNarender NathKaren Susan NavarroJoseph Micheal NavasFrancis Joseph NazarioGlenroy I. NeblettRayman Marcus NeblettJerome O. NeddLaurence NedellLuke G. NeePete NegronAnn N. NelsonDavid William NelsonJames NelsonMichele Ann NelsonPeter Allen NelsonOscar Francis NesbittGerard Terence NevinsChristopher Newton-CarterKapinga NgalulaNancy Yuen NgoJody NichiloMartin S. NiedererAlfonse Joseph NiedermeyerFrank John Niestadt, Jr.Gloria NievesJuan Nieves, Jr.Troy Edward NilsenPaul NimbleyJohn B. NivenKatherine Marie NoackCurtis Terrance NoelDaniel R. NolanRobert NoonanDaniela R. NotaroBrian Christopher NovotnySoichi NumataBrian Felix NunezJose NunezJeffrey Roger NussbaumDennis O'BergJames P. O'Brien, Jr.Michael P. O'BrienScott J. O'BrienTimothy Michael O'BrienDaniel O'CallaghanDennis James O'Connor, Jr.Diana J. O'ConnorKeith Kevin O'ConnorRichard J. O'ConnorAmy O'DohertyMarni Pont O'DohertyJames Andrew O'GradyThomas O'HaganPatrick J. O'KeefeWilliam O'KeefeGerald O'learyMatthew Timothy O'MahonyPeter J. O'Neill, Jr.Sean Gordon O'NeillKevin O'RourkePatrick J. O'SheaRobert William O'SheaTimothy F. O'SullivanJames A. OakleyDouglas E. OelschlagerTakashi OgawaAlbert OgletreePhilip Paul OgnibeneJoseph J. OgrenSamuel OiticeGerald Michael OlcottChristine Anne OlenderLinda Mary OlivaEdward Kraft OliverLeah E. OliverEric T. OlsenJeffrey James OlsenMaureen Lyons OlsonSteven John OlsonToshihiro OndaSeamus L. O'NealJohn P. OneillFrank OniMichael C. OppermanChristopher OrgielewiczMargaret OrloskeVirginia Anne OrmistonRonald OrsiniPeter OrtaleJuan Ortega-CamposAlexander OrtizDavid OrtizEmilio Ortiz, Jr.Pablo OrtizPaul Ortiz, Jr.Sonia OrtizMasaru OseElsy C. OsorioJames R. OstrowskiJason Douglas OswaldMichael OttenIsidro D. OttenwalderMichael Chung OuTodd Joseph OuidaJesus OvallesPeter J. Owens, Jr.Adianes OyolaAngel M. PabonIsrael Pabon, Jr.Roland PachecoMichael Benjamin PackerRene Padilla-ChavarriaDeepa PakkalaJeffrey Matthew PalazzoThomas PalazzoRichard PalazzoloOrio J. PalmerFrank Anthony PalomboAlan N. PalumboChristopher Matthew PanatierDominique Lisa PandolfoPaul J. PansiniJohn M. PaolilloEdward Joseph PapaSalvatore T. PapassoJames Nicholas PappageorgeVinod Kumar ParakatVijayashanker ParamsothyNitin ParandkarHardai ParbhuJames Wendell ParhamDebra Marie ParisGeorge ParisGye Hyong ParkPhilip Lacey ParkerMichael Alaine ParkesRobert E. Parks, Jr.Hashmukhrai C. ParmarRobert ParroDiane Marie ParsonsLeobardo Lopez PascualMichael PascumaJerrold PaskinsHorace Robert PassanantiSuzanne H. PassaroAvnish Ramanbhai PatelDipti PatelManish PatelSteven Bennett PatersonJames Matthew PatrickManuel D. PatrocinoBernard E. PattersonCira Marie PattiRobert E. PattisonJames Robert PaulPatrice PazVictor Paz-GutierrezStacey Lynn PeakRichard Allen PearlmanDurrell V. PearsallThomas PediciniTodd Douglas PelinoMichel Adrian PelletierAnthony G. PelusoAngel Ramon PenaRichard Al PennySalvatore F. PepeCarl PeraltaRobert David PerazaJon A. PercontiAlejo PerezAngel Perez, Jr.Angela Susan PerezAnthony PerezIvan PerezNancy E. PerezJoseph John PerroncinoEdward J. PerrottaEmelda H. PerryGlenn C. PerryJohn William PerryFranklin Allan PershepDanny PesceMichael John PescherineDavin PetersonWilliam Russell PetersonMark PetrocelliPhilip Scott PettiGlen Kerrin PettitDominick PezzuloKaleen Elizabeth PezzutiKevin PfeiferTu-Anh PhamKenneth PhelanSneha Ann PhilipsGerard PhillipsSuzette Eugenia PiantieriLudwig John PicarroMatthew M. PicernoJoseph Oswald PickChristopher PickfordDennis J. PierceBernard PietronicoNicholas P. PietruntiTheodoros PigisSusan Elizabeth PintoJoseph PiskadloChristopher Todd PitmanJoshua PiverJoseph PlumitalloJohn PocherWilliam Howard PohlmannLaurence PolatschThomas H. PolhemusSteve PollicinoSusan M. PollioJoshua Iousa PopteanGiovanna PorrasAnthony PortilloJames Edward PotortiDaphne PouletsosRichard N. PoulosStephen Emanual PoulosBrandon Jerome PowellShawn Edward PowellAntonio PrattGregory M. PrezioseWanda Ivelisse PrinceVincent PrinciottaKevin PriorEverett Martin Proctor IIICarrie Beth ProgenSarah Prothero-RedhefferDavid Lee PruimRichard PruntyJohn Foster PuckettRobert David PuglieseEdward F. PullisPatricia Ann PumaHemanth Kumar PutturEdward R. PykonChristopher QuackenbushLars Peter QualbenLincoln QuappeBeth Ann QuigleyMichael QuiltyJames Francis QuinnRicardo J. QuinnCarlos Quishpe-CuamanCarol Millicent RabalaisChristopher Peter A. RacanielloLeonard J. RagagliaEugene RaggioLaura Marie Ragonese-SnikMichael RagusaPeter Frank RaimondiHarry A. RainesEhtesham RajaValsa RajuEdward RallLukas RambousekMaria RamirezHarry RamosVishnoo RamsaroopLorenzo E. RamzeyAlfred Todd RanckeAdam David RandJonathan C. RandallSrinivasa Shreyas RanganathAnne T. RansomFaina Aronovna RapoportRobert A. RasmussenAmenia RasoolRoger Mark RasweilerDavid Alan RathkeyWilliam Ralph RaubGerard P. RauziAlexey RazuvaevGregory RedaMichele ReedJudith Ann ReeseDonald J. ReganRobert M. ReganThomas Michael ReganChristian Michael Otto RegenhardHoward ReichGregg ReidyJames Brian ReillyKevin O. ReillyTimothy E. ReillyJoseph Reina, Jr.Thomas Barnes ReinigFrank Bennett ReismanJoshua Scott ReissKaren RendaJohn Armand ReoRichard Cyril RescorlaJohn Thomas RestaLuis Clodoaldo RevillaEduvigis Reyes, Jr.Bruce Albert ReynoldsJohn Frederick RhodesFrancis Saverio RiccardelliRudolph N. RiccioAnn Marie RiccoboniDavid H. RiceEileen Mary RiceKenneth Frederick Rice IIIVernon Allan RichardClaude Daniel RichardsGregory David RichardsMichael RichardsVenesha Orintia RichardsJames C. RichesAlan Jay RichmanJohn M. RigoTheresa RiscoRose Mary RisoMoises N. RivasJoseph RivelliCarmen Alicia RiveraIsaias RiveraJuan William RiveraLinda Ivelisse RiveraDavid E. RiversJoseph R. RiversoPaul V. RizzaJohn Frank RizzoStephen Louis RoachJoseph RobertoLeo Arthur RobertsMichael RobertsMichael Edward RobertsDonald Walter Robertson, Jr.Catherina RobinsonJeffery RobinsonMichell Lee Jean RobothamDonald A. RobsonAntonio A. RochaRaymond James RochaLaura RockefellerJohn RodakAntonio J. RodriguesAnthony RodriguezCarmen Milagros RodriguezGregory Ernesto RodriguezMarsha A. RodriguezMayra Valdes RodriguezRichard RodriguezDavid Bartolo Rodriguez-VargasMatthew RoganKarlie Barbara RogersScott Williams RohnerKeith RomaJoseph M. RomagnoloEfrain Romero, Sr.Elvin RomeroJuan RomeroOrozco James A. RomitoSean Paul RooneyEric Thomas RopiteauAida RosarioAngela RosarioWendy Alice Rosario WakefordMark RosenBrooke David RosenbaumLinda RosenbaumSheryl Lynn RosenbaumLloyd Daniel RosenbergMark Louis RosenbergAndrew Ira RosenblumJoshua M. RosenblumJoshua Alan RosenthalRichard David RosenthalDaniel RosettiNorman S. RossinowNicholas P. RossomandoMichael Craig RothbergDonna Marie RothenbergNicholas RoweTimothy Alan Roy, Sr.Paul G. RubackRonald J. RubenJoanne RubinoDavid M. RuddleBart Joseph RuggiereSusan A. RuggieroAdam Keith RuhalterGilbert RuizObdulio Ruiz DiazStephen P. RussellSteven Harris RussinMichael Thomas Russo, Sr.Wayne Alan RussoEdward RyanJohn Joseph Ryan, Jr.Jonathan Stephan RyanMatthew Lancelot RyanTatiana RyjovaChristina Sunga RyookThierry SaadaJason Elazar SabbagThomas E. SabellaScott SaberJoseph Francis SacerdoteNeeraha SadaranghganiMohammad Ali SadequeFrancis John SadochaJude SafiBrock Joel SafronoffEdward SaiyaJohn Patrick SalamoneHernando SalasJuan G. SalasEsmerlin Antonio SalcedoJohn Salvatore Salerno, Jr.Richard L. Salinardi, Jr.Wayne John SalomanNolbert SalomonCatherine Patricia SalterFrank SalvaterraPaul Richard SalvioSamuel Robert Salvo, Jr.Rena Sam-DinnooCarlos Alberto SamaniegoJames Kenneth Samuel, Jr.Michael San PhillipSylvia San PioHugo M. SanayErick SanchezJacquelyn Patrice SanchezEric M. SandStacey Leigh SandersHerman S. SandlerJames Sands, Jr.Ayleen J. SantiagoKirsten SantiagoMaria Theresa SantillanSusan Gayle SantoChristopher SantoraJohn A. SantoreMario L. SantoroRafael Humberto SantosRufino Conrado Flores Santos IiiJorge Octavio Santos AnayaKalyan SarkarChapelle R. SarkerPaul F. SarleDeepika Kumar SattaluriGregory Thomas SaucedoSusan M. SauerAnthony SavasVladimir SavinkinJackie SayeghJohn Michael SbarbaroRobert L. Scandole, Jr.Michelle ScarpittaDennis ScausoJohn Albert SchardtJohn G. ScharfFrederick Claude Scheffold, Jr.Angela Susan ScheinbergScott Mitchell SchertzerSean SchielkeSteven Francis SchlagJon SchlisselKaren Helene SchmidtIan SchneiderThomas G. SchoalesFrank G. Schott, Jr.Gerard Patrick SchrangJeffrey H. SchreierJohn T. SchroederSusan Lee SchulerEdward William SchunkMark E. SchurmeierClarin Shellie SchwartzJohn Burkhart SchwartzMark SchwartzAdriane Victoria ScibettaRaphael ScorcaRandolph ScottSheila ScottChristopher Jay ScudderArthur Warren ScullinMichael Herman SeamanMargaret M. SeeligerAnthony SegarraCarlos SegarraJason SekzerMatthew Carmen SellittoHoward SelwynLarry John SenkoArturo Angelo SerenoFrankie SerranoAlena SesinovaAdele Christine SessaSita Nermalla SewnarineKaren Lynn SeymourDavis SeznaThomas Joseph SgroiJayesh S. ShahKhalid M. ShahidMohammed ShajahanGary ShamayEarl Richard ShanahanNeil ShastriKathryn Anne ShatzoffBarbara A. ShawJeffrey James ShawRobert John Shay, Jr.Daniel James SheaJoseph Patrick SheaLinda SheehanHagay ShefiJohn Anthony SherryAtsushi ShiratoriThomas Joseph ShubertMark ShulmanSee Wong ShumAllan Abraham ShwartzsteinJohanna SigmundDianne T. SignerGregory SikorskyStephen Gerard SillerDavid SilverCraig A. SilversteinNasima Hameed SimjeeBruce Edward SimmonsArthur SimonKenneth Alan SimonMichael J. SimonPaul Joseph SimonMarianne Teresa SimoneBarry SimowitzJeff Lyal SimpsonKhamladai SinghKulwant SinghRoshan Ramesh SinghThomas E. Sinton IIIPeter A. SiracuseMuriel Fay SiskopoulosJoseph Michael SisolakJohn P. SkalaFrancis Joseph Skidmore, Jr.Toyena SkinnerPaul A. SkrzypekChristopher Paul SlatteryVincent Robert SlavinRobert F. SliwakPaul K. SloanStanley S. Smagala, Jr.Wendy L. SmallCatherine SmithDaniel Laurence SmithGeorge Eric SmithJames Gregory SmithJeffrey R. SmithJoyce Patricia SmithKarl T. SmithKeisha SmithKevin Joseph SmithLeon Smith, Jr.Moira Ann SmithRosemary A. SmithBonnie Jeanne SmithwickRochelle Monique SnellLeonard J. Snyder, Jr.Astrid Elizabeth SohanSushil S. SolankiRuben SolaresNaomi Leah SolomonDaniel W. SongMichael Charles SorresseFabian SotoTimothy Patrick SoulasGregory SpagnolettiDonald F. Spampinato, Jr.Thomas SparacioJohn Anthony SpataroRobert W. Spear, Jr.Maynard S. Spence, Jr.George Edward Spencer IIIRobert Andrew SpencerMary Rubina SperandoTina SpicerFrank SpinelliWilliam E. SpitzJoseph Spor, Jr.Klaus Johannes SprockampSaranya SrinuanFitzroy St. RoseMichael F. StabileLawrence T. StackTimothy M. StackpoleRichard James StadelbergerEric StahlmanGregory StajkAlexandru Liviu StanCorina StanMary Domenica StanleyAnthony StaritaJeffrey StarkDerek James StatkevicusCraig William StaubWilliam V. SteckmanEric Thomas SteenWilliam R. SteinerAlexander SteinmanAndrew StergiopoulosAndrew SternMartha StevensMichael James StewartRichard H. Stewart, Jr.Sanford M. StollerLonny Jay StoneJimmy Nevill StoreyTimothy StoutThomas StradaJames J. Straine, Jr.Edward W. StraubGeorge J. Strauch, Jr.Edward T. StraussSteven R. StraussSteven F. StrobertWalwyn W. Stuart, Jr.Benjamin SuarezDavid Scott SuarezRamon SuarezYoichi SugiyamaWilliam Christopher SugraDaniel SuhrDavid Marc SullinsChristopher P. SullivanPatrick SullivanThomas SullivanHilario Soriano Sumaya, Jr.James Joseph SuozzoColleen SupinskiRobert SutcliffeSeline SutterClaudia Suzette SuttonJohn Francis SwaineKristine M. SwearsonBrian Edward SweeneyKenneth J. SwensonThomas SwiftDerek Ogilvie SwordKevin Thomas SzocikGina SztejnbergNorbert P. SzurkowskiHarry TabackJoann TabeekNorma C. TaddeiMichael TaddonioKeiichiro TakahashiKeiji TakahashiPhyllis Gail TalbotRobert TalhamiSean Patrick TallonPaul TaltyMaurita TamRachel TamaresHector TamayoMichael Andrew TamuccioKenichiro TanakaRhondelle Cheri TankardMichael Anthony TannerDennis Gerard Taormina, Jr.Kenneth Joseph TarantinoAllan TarasiewiczRonald TartaroDarryl Anthony TaylorDonnie Brooks TaylorLorisa Ceylon TaylorMichael Morgan TaylorPaul A. TegtmeierYeshauant TembeAnthony TempestaDorothy Pearl TempleStanley TempleDavid TengelinBrian John TerrenziLisa M. TerryShell TesterGoumatie T. ThackurdeenSumati ThakurHarshad Sham ThatteThomas F. Theurkauf, Jr.Lesley Anne ThomasBrian Thomas ThompsonClive ThompsonGlenn ThompsonNigel Bruce ThompsonPerry A. ThompsonVanavah Alexei ThompsonWilliam H. ThompsonEric Raymond ThorpeNichola Angela ThorpeSal Edward Tieri, Jr.John p TierneyMary Ellen TiesiWilliam R. TiesteKenneth Francis TietjenStephen Edward TigheScott Charles TimmesMichael E. TinleyJennifer M. TinoRobert Frank TipaldiJohn James Tipping IIDavid TiradoHector Luis Tirado, Jr.Michelle Lee TitoloJohn J. TobinRichard TodiscoVladimir TomasevicStephen Kevin TompsettThomas TongDoris TorresLuis Eduardo TorresAmy Elizabeth ToyenChristopher Michael TrainaDaniel Patrick TrantAbdoul Karim TraoreGlenn J. TraversWalter Philip TraversFelicia Y. Traylor-BassLisa L. TrerotolaKaramo TrerraMichael Angel TrinidadFrancis Joseph TrombinoGregory James TrostWilliam P. TselepisZhanetta Valentinovna TsoyMichael TuckerLance Richard TumultyChing Ping TungSimon James TurnerDonald Joseph TuzioRobert T. TwomeyJennifer TzemisJohn G. UeltzhoefferTyler V. UgolynMichael A. UlianoJonathan J. UmanAnil Shivhari UmarkarAllen V. UptonDiane Marie UrbanJohn Damien VaccacioBradley Hodges VadasRenuta VaideaWilliam ValcarcelFelix Antonio ValeIvan ValeBenito ValentinSantos Valentin, Jr.Carlton Francis Valvo IIErica H. Van AckerKenneth W. Van AukenRichard B. Van HineDaniel M. Van LaereEdward Raymond VanacoreJon C. VandevanderBarrett Vanvelzer, 4Edward VanvelzerPaul Herman VanvelzerFrederick Thomas VaracchiGopalakrishnan VaradhanDavid VargasScott C. VaselAzael Ismael VasquezArcangel VazquezSantos VazquezPeter Anthony VegaSankara S. VelamuriJorge VelazquezLawrence G. VelingAnthony Mark VenturaDavid VeraLoretta Ann VeroChristopher James VialongaMatthew Gilbert ViannaRobert Anthony VicarioCeleste Torres VictoriaJoanna VidalJohn T. Vigiano IIJoseph Vincent VigianoFrank J. Vignola, Jr.Joseph Barry VilardoSergio VillanuevaChantal VincelliMelissa VincentFrancine Ann VirgilioLawrence VirgilioJoseph Gerard ViscianoJoshua S. VitaleMaria Percoco VolaLynette D. VosgesGaro H. VoskerijianAlfred VukosaGregory Kamal Bruno WachtlerGabriela WaismanCourtney Wainsworth WalcottVictor WaldBenjamin James WalkerGlen WallMitchel Scott WallacePeter Guyder WallaceRobert Francis WallaceRoy Michael WallaceJeanmarie WallendorfMatthew Blake WallensJohn Wallice, Jr.Barbara P. WalshJames Henry WalshJeffrey P. WalzChing WangWeibin WangMichael WarcholaStephen Gordon WardJames Arthur WaringBrian G. WarnerDerrick WashingtonCharles WatersJames Thomas Waters, Jr.Patrick J. WatersKenneth Thomas WatsonMichael Henry WayeTodd Christopher WeaverWalter Edward WeaverNathaniel WebbDinah WebsterJoanne Flora WeilMichael T. WeinbergSteven WeinbergScott Jeffrey WeingardSteven George WeinsteinSimon WeiserDavid M. WeissDavid Thomas WeissVincent Michael WellsTimothy Matthew WeltyChristian Hans Rudolf WemmersSsu-Hui WenOleh D. WengerchukPeter M. WestWhitfield West, Jr.Meredith Lynn WhalenEugene WhelanAdam S. WhiteEdward James White IIIJames Patrick WhiteJohn Sylvester WhiteKenneth Wilburn White, Jr.Leonard Anthony WhiteMalissa Y. WhiteWayne WhiteLeanne Marie WhitesideMark P. WhitfordMichael T. WholeyMary Catherine WiemanJeffrey David WienerWilham J. WikAlison Marie WildmanGlenn E. WilkensonJohn C. WillettBrian Patrick WilliamsCrossley Richard Williams, Jr.David J. WilliamsDeborah Lynn WilliamsKevin Michael WilliamsLouie Anthony WilliamsLouis Calvin Williams IIIJohn P. WilliamsonDonna Ann WilsonWilliam WilsonDavid Harold WintonGlenn J. WinukThomas Francis WiseAlan L. WisniewskiFrank Thomas WisniewskiDavid WiswallSigrid WisweMichael WittensteinChristopher W. WodenshekMartin P. WohlforthKatherine Susan WolfJennifer Yen WongSiu Cheung WongYin Ping WongYuk Ping WongBrent James WoodallJames John WoodsPatrick J. WoodsRichard Herron WoodwellDavid Terence WooleyJohn Bentley WorksMartin Michael WortleyRodney James WottonWilliam WrenJohn Wayne WrightNeil Robin WrightSandra Lee WrightJupiter YambemSuresh YanamadalaMatthew David YarnellMyrna YaskulkaShakila YasminOlabisi Shadie Layeni YeeWilliam YemeleEdward P. YorkKevin Patrick YorkRaymond R. YorkSuzanne YoumansBarrington YoungJacqueline YoungElkin YuenJoseph C. ZaccoliAdel Agayby ZakharyArkady ZaltsmanEdwin J. Zambrana, Jr.Robert Alan ZampieriMark ZangrilliIra ZaslowKenneth Albert ZelmanAbraham J. ZelmanowitzMartin Morales ZempoaltecatlZhe ZengMarc Scott ZeplinJie Yao Justin ZhaoIvelin ZiminskiMichael Joseph ZinziCharles A. ZionJulie Lynne ZipperSalvatore ZisaProkopios Paul ZoisJoseph J. ZuccalaAndrew S. ZuckerIgor Zukelman


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Nice job on the video, Spartan7W. I've been watching the memorial shows all day. Sad but good to see the families getting on with their lives and some really great speeches.

i9 10920x @ 4.8 ~ MSI Creator x299 ~ 256 Gb 3600 G.Skill Trident Z Royal ~ EVGA RTX 2080ti ~ Sim drive = M.2  2-TB ~ OS drive = M.2 is 512-gb ~ 5 other Samsung Pro/Evo mix SSD's ~ EVGA 1600w ~ Win 10 Pro

Dan Prunier

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