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save problems

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A friend of mine has problems with saved flights. We have searched the site andnot found an applicable answer.This is using the FSX PMDG MD11. Both FSX and MD11 up to date.Windows 7 64 bit.He saved a flight using the first tutorial and was on the runway nearly ready for takeoff.when he came back next day and loaded the flight, engines were running etc. butno FMC data! Going into loading the panel state for that saved flight put everything(more or less) back ok and he could continue.Even saving at that point(on pause as before)and going out of fsx and re-loading windows -still no fmc data and fuel quantities all wrong.He also tried saving a flight in the air but that was even worse! No FMC data etc. so heloaded the panel state and the plane went completely out of control and crashed.Only addon is EFB but was not running during these tests.If possible he does not wish to uninstall and re-install all - He has all the Horizon photographicscenery and all the uK airports.Do you think that it would be worthwhile to just uninstallthe PMDG MD11 rather that the FSX as well.The save flights used to work until a week or ago!Any comments would be much appreciated.David

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