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  1. thank you simbio - it was all very clear. I have downloaded it and re- installed! A great help from you. David
  2. I have version 3.00.8466 and have a message saying that I should update to - 3.00.90008. how do I do that? David
  3. carlan2uk

    777 SP1

    Thanks, I have downloaded Tutorial 1.5 David
  4. carlan2uk

    777 SP1

    Thank you Kyle, Did tutorial no. 2 ever come out? David
  5. carlan2uk

    777 SP1

    I have just re-downloaded the PMDG 777 base package -does this contain SP1? David
  6. Thank you-I missed the 2nd page! But I think I will try your suggestion David
  7. Is there a default short turn round that I can load? the FMC gives- cold and dark and long - is there a medium or long default available? David
  8. Hi Henk No point in posting a photo as it is just black - no writing! the 1st page is- 747-400PS! Hi Henk No point in a photo as it is just black! No writing. 1st Page is:- 747-400PS1 User's Guide Revision 1.3 For Use With 747-400 Precision Simulator David Pedder
  9. I have the original Guide published by PMDG for the Precision Simulator -- -P47-400PS1 . This with revision AOM-0901.2-001. Will this possibly be usable with the new 747? (it is such a quality book!) Once the PMDG 747 came out I purchased that one and then continued with the M11,,737, 777. David Pedder
  10. A very interesting article. I may try it if I need extra help when the new addons (eg Level D) come out.I am not too worried about a crash occuring as I do a Norton Ghost back up on a separate external hard drive at least once a week.This has got me out of e few problems in the past!David
  11. Thank you Bryan,Checking advanced animations was the secret but also I had to put various sliders very high.Its lucky that I have a (reasonably) fast computer!Everything worked throughout the flight as far as FS2Crew was concerned but I have the devil of a job getting the ILS so crashat the airport.Still, I'll keep trying.Cheers,David
  12. Hello Bryan,Thanks for your reply.The position in the gate is the default as in the quick start tutorial.I am exactly in the correct position looking at the outside view also dead in line with the pushback truck.In the FP page the gate is set to 'yes' -it was there by default.After pressing start the doors open as they should but no jetway.Are they supposed to actually move? If so what is the default key press so that I can try it?The TOGA still does not work so I hand fly it to 1000ft then get the FO to set autpilot etc then all is ok.I think that the main problem is the miserable default 747.I used FS2Crew with the Level D 767 and all was perfect.I will wait until one of the usual 'quality add on' crowd bring out something and I am sure you will then follow with your exellent program.Thanks,David
  13. After starting the APU etc. then activating the FP page and correcting etc. I press start - I hear the female voice and the doors open but the jetways do not connect nor is there any alarm/ringing sound.Later when waiting for pushback (I waited a long time!) I found that it only started when I released the parking brake -this is not in the tutorial.I lined up on the runway and pressed the TOGA hidden switch at 70 knots.This made a noise but did not select the TOGA,I was in the 2d cockpit.I tried this on another occasion with the same results.Any ideas? David
  14. I have read the post by Phil from MS/Aces and find it very illuminating and helpful. To me FSX is wonderful and I (and quite a few friends of mine) am busy enjoying it. Thankyou Microsoft.With best wishes from the UKDavid
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