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  1. carlan2uk

    747 v3

    thank you simbio - it was all very clear. I have downloaded it and re- installed! A great help from you. David
  2. carlan2uk

    747 v3

    I have version 3.00.8466 and have a message saying that I should update to - 3.00.90008. how do I do that? David
  3. carlan2uk

    777 SP1

    Thanks, I have downloaded Tutorial 1.5 David
  4. carlan2uk

    777 SP1

    Thank you Kyle, Did tutorial no. 2 ever come out? David
  5. carlan2uk

    777 SP1

    I have just re-downloaded the PMDG 777 base package -does this contain SP1? David
  6. carlan2uk

    short turn round

    Thank you-I missed the 2nd page! But I think I will try your suggestion David
  7. carlan2uk

    short turn round

    Is there a default short turn round that I can load? the FMC gives- cold and dark and long - is there a medium or long default available? David
  8. carlan2uk

    Precision Simulator user guide

    Hi Henk No point in posting a photo as it is just black - no writing! the 1st page is- 747-400PS! Hi Henk No point in a photo as it is just black! No writing. 1st Page is:- 747-400PS1 User's Guide Revision 1.3 For Use With 747-400 Precision Simulator David Pedder
  9. I have the original Guide published by PMDG for the Precision Simulator -- -P47-400PS1 . This with revision AOM-0901.2-001. Will this possibly be usable with the new 747? (it is such a quality book!) Once the PMDG 747 came out I purchased that one and then continued with the M11,,737, 777. David Pedder
  10. Hi Mike, In reply to your request- Date downloaded and installed- 2nd Jan.2016, time- 15.29 regards David
  11. I and my friend uninstalled the 777 by the book-everything re. 777 deleted. We both used the new installer and all works correctly including windows! We both use FSX with EFB and UK scenery but no other add on. does that point to other addons? Regards to all David Pedder
  12. carlan2uk

    Flight Level.

    Thank you Nixon- That did the trick. I suppose that it is somewhere in the 2000 pages but I am not up to that yet!¬ David
  13. carlan2uk

    Flight Level.

    I set up the FMC exactly as in the tutorial apart from change of start and destination. I started from Gatwick using a long turnround. I used the information at the end of the tutorial regarding a cold and dark startup. After a few items it then says-At this point continue with FMC setup used in the tutorial. I did all this putting in (in my case) 34000ft. In the tutorial 38000 is inserted and all the legs showed this. Later a choice for a step climb came but was not used.So the TD went without problem. In my case there is no step climb as it goes straight up to 38000.
  14. carlan2uk

    Flight Level.

    I set up a flight with FL 34000. Before Take off I checked the legs page and found that by page 2 or 3 the FL had gone up to 38000! I left the MCP at 34000 as planned. when top of descent appeared on the nav. display I set the MCP to 3000. At the TD the vertical path deviation showed no deviation but the plane did not start to descend for a long time. when it did descend, all went well to landing. I repeated the flight after re-booting and the same thing happened again.This time I set the MCP to 38000.When into cruise at 38000 I had to go out, so I saved the flight.. When I re-loaded, the panel was hopeless as usual so I re-loaded the panel state. This was then ok but I had lost a lot of height so it started to climb. BUT- the legs page now showed 34000 as it should. I quickly changed the MCP to 34000 and all went well to the end. How is the FMC incorrect when first loading and how is it correct when re-loading? A puzzle, an ideas? David
  15. carlan2uk

    Flight Level problem

    I planned a flight at 34000. Upon checking the legs page before TO I found that page 2-3 the FL had gone up to 38000(why?) But , as planned I set the MCP to 34000. After some cruising at 34000 the TD appeared on the nav. display. I reduced the MCP to 3000. However, when passing the TD it did not start to descend , even though the path deviation indicator came up showing no deviation. After quite a few miles it did start to descend and all went well.It seemed as if the TD started as if I had chosen 38000! I decided to repeat the flight putting in 34000 again but as it came up with 38000 in the legs again, I set the MCP to 38000. I got into cruise at 38000 but I had to stop to go out- so I saved it in cruise. Later I returned to it loaded but as often happens the panel was all wrong but I loaded the panel state from the saved state in the FMC. By the time this happened it had lost a lot of height so it started to climb back up. BUT- the legs p age now showed 34000!.So I set the MCP to 34000 and all went well at the TD. Has anyone any ideas what went wrong? David