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737-6/700 ETA?

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Hello guys and PMDG. As much as the NGX is a lovely bird to fly I'm waiting for the 6/700 Expansion.

RELEASE DAY:============Barring anything strange happening, we will give you a bit of notice via the forum that release is pending, then off we go! (Note: This will not be a surprise release... We will let you know it is coming!)PMDG 737NGX PACKAGES:=====================PMDG 737NGX Base Package: $69.99* ETA: On/Before 04AUG11 Contains the 737-800/800WL, 737-900/900WLPMDG 737NGX 6700 Package: $24.99 ETA: 4-8 weeks after base Contains the 737-600, 737-700/700WLPMDG 737NGX ER Package: TBA ETA: 4-8 weeks after 6700 Contains the all 737ER variants.PMDG 737NGX BBJ Package: TBA ETA: TBA Subject to interest Contains BBJ/BBJ2 variants.PMDG 737NGX Mil Package: TBA ETA: TBA Subject to interest Contains the P-8 and "Wedgetail" variants.
This is Roberts words before the NGX release. And i know its ESTIMATED time of arrival. But the 29th September it has gone 8 weeks since the Base Package got it's first customer and lifted up in the air. So my question is for the PMDG staff. Are we delayed much? Would like to have it too soon! :0) Joakim

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