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  1. Hi Finn, Thought I could try to help out here, so I tried to reproduce this issue, however I did not get any CTD on exit of P3D. Kind Regards Joakim H
  2. Glad you guys are on it @rsrandazzo ! 🙂 If it helps, I didn't have the issue before the latest update =P
  3. Luke, I'm glad the problem got solved for you! Would suggest putting your name in your signature. It can be edited here: https://www.avsim.com/settings/signature/
  4. Dammit guys! I was planning on letting this one slip by. But what I'm reading here, just made me buy her ...
  5. @rsrandazzo, You look handsome today! But let's get to the point. NGX release for P3dV4 would be fair to call NGX v3, wouldn't it? Saw a Norwegian 737, approach to the local airport tonight and as I noticed the LED Strobes, I thought, hmm that could be a "easy" small but yet again big thing for PMDG to include in the P3Dv4 release. Hinthint. Christmas in just 5 months and a few days, how about that present you love giving us? =D *hugs*
  6. True but as mentioned in the Manual, there is steps to make it go away. And for me it worked great. Oh btw, here is your ######! Don't want it.
  7. Introduction Manual 0.00.47 (RTFM) The aircraft “bounces” on the ground when I change views: We have traced this issue to using an mesh resolution setting that is higher in resolution than 19m. These are the 10m, 5m, 2m, and 1m settings. This appears to be an terrain engine bug and isn’t something we can fix. If it bothers you, you can set the terrain resolution to 19m or lower. These are the 19m, 38m, 76m, 152m, or 305m settings. Be aware that lowering this setting can affect the use of sceneries that require the higher setting. For example many airports require high settings to simulate taxiway bridges and similar structures. If you have high resolution terrain mesh installed this will also decrease the detail of mountains and other such features if you go below the mesh’s level.
  8. Dear Mr. Randazzo and Pankaj, First of all sorry for not specifying a bit better what the problem was. Yes I'm indeed speaking about the squares in the ND,PFD and the rest of the displays. I'm indeed running my GTX980 via DP on aa 4kscreen, although the resolution both on the computer and p3d is set to 1900*1080. Noticed that when I zoomed in to *1.0 they kinda disappeared, but running the sim in these scales is not in my interest, I do indeed want to keep it realistic with POV but that is just way to zoomed in for me. Kind regards
  9. Well first of all! I did search, just not as widely as I prob. should. So when you hit, don't hit me hard.. I recently upgraded my complete computer and screens, with resolution set to 1900*1080. As I had not yet installed FSX, and P3Dv3 got released, and since i bought both the NGX and 777 for P3D when these were discounted i figured, why not just jump over to P3D. And this works like a charm! Now I'm going to let the picture speak for itself. Currently only used settings in p3d, and no Nvidia Inspector yet(Not sure if needed?)
  10. On the NGX it was max 20 days after the release of the SDK, so It's up to PMDG
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