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  1. lukejw20

    Maddog Freeware Repaint (Livery) Notifications

    How do I install them using the livery manager?
  2. lukejw20

    747-8 CTD

    I must have plugged the joystick in while it was initializing systems. I've been flying from Beijing to Hainan with no problems. False alarm. I'll let you know how the flight goes Luke Welborn
  3. lukejw20

    747-8 CTD

    Nope nevermind still get a CTD
  4. lukejw20

    747-8 CTD

    The new update is out and it fixed my 747-8 CTD issue.
  5. It fixed my 747-8 CTD issue! I can finally fly this beautiful bird! Thanx
  6. Fantastic!!! I'm going to go update right now!
  7. lukejw20

    Flythemaddogx question

    How do I install liveries using the livery manager? Is it in the manual?
  8. lukejw20

    Flythemaddogx question

    I haven't even taken off yet and the spoilers just opened randomly and they wont close. How do I close them? I've tried moving the throttle up and down and they remain open
  9. lukejw20

    Flythemaddogx question

    Solved. Selecting a default aircraft before selecting the maddog solves the problem.
  10. lukejw20

    Flythemaddogx question

    I have another question. After I start the engines, there is this generator attached to the back of the plane that won't go away. How do I get it to?
  11. Yes but do you have any PMDG's? I've heard P3D doesn't come with any airliners, which is what I prefer to fly
  12. I think I have a pretty good idea. I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of addons. I have: Taxi2Gate Orlando Imaginesim Atlanta FSDT Las Vegas FlightBeam Phoenix PMDG 736,737, 738, 739, 744, 748,77L,77W Aerosoft A318, A319, A320, A321 Thomas Ruth A330 FSND MD-83 Flythemaddogx MD-82 CLS DC-10 FTX Trees HD REX Soft Clouds + Texture Direct Active Sky Next Aerosoft Zurich Aerosoft Tel Aviv And finally I have a lot of addon scenery from the library. I just wanted to point out yes I know that the TOM A330 and FSND MD-83 are FREE so you don't need to talk to me like I'm stupid. But anyway, I would have to buy all these addons all over again for P3D, a price that will be twice as much than the FSX 32 bit version. And I think I would have to subscribe to some kind of license and make a yearly payment of like $200 or something around there. With all of these addons, running on a Windows 10 64 bit PC, FSX rarely crashes.
  13. Nah. I'll wait for the update. I'm not going to pay thousands to switch and then hundreds every year to upgrade my license
  14. Well I would but now FSX crashes if the 747-8 is installed. I'll check tomorrow as I'll be visiting family and they have good internet