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  1. That only causes it to become slower. Thanks for your help though 🙂
  2. Hello. About a month ago, I got P3Dv4, and I've been using GSX for my flights. The problem is whenever I minimize P3D (I like to go to other windows to pass time while boarding), GSX pauses until I open the window back up. Its very annoying, especially on my 747 flights with 400+ passengers, where I'm always departing very late because boarding pauses when I go to other windows. I unchecked "pause on task". That was one of the first things I did when I got P3D. Is there something in the GSX settings that is causing it to pause? The simulator doesn't pause but GSX does if that makes sense. Thanks
  3. But, all planes, not just the PMDG, do this. Both on Flightcontrolreplaypro and instant replay
  4. Hello. After I failed to set up P3Dv3 on my new laptop, I decided to get a refund and get v4 instead. Anyway, I wanted to continue recording my flights and since FSRecorder doesn't work with P3Dv4, I decided to first try to instant replay, and that ended with the aircraft bouncing around, shaking violently, etc on the ground. Then I tried flightcontrolreplay, same result. The aircraft bouncing around, shaking violently, gear falling through the ground. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? The aircraft I'm using is the PMDG 737
  5. So I finally upgraded to P3D, but I decided to go with V3 so I wouldn't have to rebuy everything. Everything was fine until I tried to install it. The setup failed and I got an error 0fffffx7 or something like that. I have NET Framework 4.72 and I am running it as administrator. Still no luck. Does anyone have a solution? And I don't want any questions about why I didnt get v4. Thank you
  6. Yes no matter what airport. I have taken off on the 777 from Athens and Jakarta and the 747 from Guangzhou in the last month and on all three flights, FSX has frozen after takeoff for 3-4 minutes, and then resuming and running smoothly. Here are my scenery add-ons: Orbx - FTX Trees HD Flightbeam – Phoenix Sky Harbor Taxi2Gate – Orlando Int’l Imaginesim – Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Int’l Ultimate Water X Ultimate Night Environment X Aerosoft – ZRH Zinertek - HD Airport Graphics Zinertek - Natural Tree Environment Zinertek - World Environment 2012 Various liveries and sceneries from the AVSIM library
  7. Hello. I have a recurring issue. Shortly after takeoff, the PMDG 777 and PMDG 747 both cause FSX to freeze for about 3-4 minutes and then resume, and then it doesn't happen again. It only happens after takeoff on these two planes. I checked the task manager to see how much memory FSX SE was using and it was about 911-912 mb, which is about 1000 below the memory limit for a single app. Again, its not crashing, but freezing for 3-4 minutes after takeoff, then resuming, and then running smoothly for the rest of the flight. The PMDG 737 has no issues. Any ideas?
  8. Nevermind. My 4G renewed and I was able to load the manual and I found my solution
  9. Are both engines online? I've had that problem and it was because my engine 1 wasn't on and engine 2 was and vice versa
  10. Hello. I have a question regarding the Qualitywings 787. I took off from Guangzhou headed to Ürümqi and climbed to FL300, but when I tried to engage the autothrottle, the throttle didn't move a centimeter to maintain speed and engine 1 was given a greater amount of thrust than engine 2. Please help me as I don't have the time to sit at the throttles for 4 hours. And let me explain why I didn't read the manual. It's because the manual is an online PDF that will not load on my extremely slow iPhone hotspot (we don't have a mifi or jetpack). So I tried loading it on my phone, but as I live in the middle of nowhere, the Verizon service here isn't that great, so the PDF didn't load on my phone either.
  11. I figured it out. The texture files were still in the aircraft folder even after I had uninstalled the Addon manager 757, but they were not in the .CFG file. So I deleted the texture folders and my liveries installed just fine. Thanks!
  12. Ok that worked but how do I install liveries? I'm using the dispatcher and selecting repaints to install but it doesn't do anything. It doesn't even finish the installation before saying its done even though the livery is not there
  13. I'm gonna try it now. Thanks! I'll get back to you!
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