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  1. This worked for me, configuring aircraft.cfg explained above.. for test purpose, bouncing occurred again after reverting those settings to the default . thank you.
  2. thank you. can we use this guide also for P3D v3?
  3. Thanks for all answers. I will also tune and inform you .
  4. Hello. There are some posts about Ezca addon installation for P3D, but I need a guide about fresh installation to P3D v2.5 / v3.0 , not kind of any migration from FSX. could someone help? thanks.
  5. Hello. thanks for your answer. I started using Spad.next but same thing occurred with it. I asked to spad.next but not sure if they resolve.
  6. Hello. this is happening on both of my P3D 2.5 and FSX simulators on different machines. my aircraft is PMDG 737 NGX. Aircraft is stationary , parking brakes on, and when you change to different views, aircraft bounces. or ground bounces I am not sure. it is very crazy . Requesting support from PMDG for this issue. I changed Mesh to other than 1m as I read from someone, but nothing changed thanks in advance
  7. Hello Is there anybody out there using Saitek BIP panel with PMDG 737 NGX on Prepar3d? I am using Spad, but I only get Panel lights working when simulator is in pause mode, Interesting? thanks in advance.
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