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  1. This worked for me, configuring aircraft.cfg explained above.. for test purpose, bouncing occurred again after reverting those settings to the default . thank you.
  2. thank you. can we use this guide also for P3D v3?
  3. Thanks for all answers. I will also tune and inform you .
  4. Hello. There are some posts about Ezca addon installation for P3D, but I need a guide about fresh installation to P3D v2.5 / v3.0 , not kind of any migration from FSX. could someone help? thanks.
  5. Hello. thanks for your answer. I started using Spad.next but same thing occurred with it. I asked to spad.next but not sure if they resolve.
  6. Hello. this is happening on both of my P3D 2.5 and FSX simulators on different machines. my aircraft is PMDG 737 NGX. Aircraft is stationary , parking brakes on, and when you change to different views, aircraft bounces. or ground bounces I am not sure. it is very crazy . Requesting support from PMDG for this issue. I changed Mesh to other than 1m as I read from someone, but nothing changed thanks in advance
  7. Hello Is there anybody out there using Saitek BIP panel with PMDG 737 NGX on Prepar3d? I am using Spad, but I only get Panel lights working when simulator is in pause mode, Interesting? thanks in advance.
  8. Hi - For newbies, it will be better to replay this topic:) I need to clear my confusion about purchasing right addons to make FSX better. But I read that it depends on where you want to fly. I am in Turkey, so I must choose europe based addons I think, and I figured out these categories as needed. could you please give opinion , advice, and correct. it is really confusing 1. Mesh --> FS Global (all regions bundle) covers the entire World 2. AFM --> FS Global AFM (but I know that current version is not designed to work with FTX Global Vector, should I have to install now?) 3. Ground Textures --> FTX Global Base 4. Vector --> FTX Global Vector 5. Landclass --> FTX Global OpenLC Europe 6. Scenery --> ?? what is this, and which one should I have to buy? 7. Weather Engine --> Active Sky Next 8. Weather Textures --> REX4 Texture Direct (I am not sure about switching off something to prevent conflicting texture parts with others above) If something are missing could you also pls add above. I figured out after searching lots of things but still not sure about something. thanks in advance.
  9. Hello , thanks for your answer. I didn't mean regular binary patches, service packs etc. I mean Navdatas, airac cycle updates or other data updates which we don't know. Let me give examples; - How does fsx know when there is a new airport, or a new runway in an airport, or changing waypoins, vors etc. - How do pmdg , pfpx , or flightsim commander know when there are several changes in those things above. - What kind of correlation between fsx and these addons occur if for example we only update databases for only addons or fsx Shortly, what must I do in order to keep fsx , and its scenery, mesh, terrain , map softwares, and airliners addons up to date for changes in aviation world. How do professional simmers make their simulators up to date. thanks in advance.
  10. Hello, Can anybody inform newbies like me for the data updates of FSX and its addons? For example , I am using FSX, PMDG, PFPX and Flightsim commander, is latest airac navdata cycle enough for an up to date system? Also I am using FS Global Ultimate, UTX, and FTX Global Base & Vector, should I have to update these product with any online data updates other than their own patches? I am really in confusion about leaving something with old data. thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks everybody for these valuable information. I guess that many beginners like me want to clarify this situation. so this will be a good source. regards.
  12. Hello. Could you pls comment for my favorite payware addon lists. I am not sure which one is not necessary , or which one is conflicting with another addon. Option 1 ------------ FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE (I am not sure if others do the same job with this addon) ORBX UTX & SCENERY TECH FTX GLOBAL BASE & VECTOR FS GENESIS SOME AEROSOFT AIRPORTS REX4 TEXTURE DIRECT & ASNext AIVLASOFT EFB & PFPX MY TRAFFIC 2013 Option 2 -------------- FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE ORBX UTX & SCENERY TECH GEX FS GENESIS SOME AEROSOFT AIRPORTS REX4 TEXTURE DIRECT & ASNext AIVLASOFT EFB & PFPX MY TRAFFIC 2013
  13. So, for a reference under this topic, could you (top simmers of this forum:) ) please briefly tell about your FSX addons? I am not sure if there is one other than this topic. sorry. Also this would be a fine reference for those who want to start FSX with quality addons.
  14. Thanks a lot. very useful information. So what do you say about Pseudo FullScreen , DX10 Utilities and Shader upgrades. Are these also necessary ? I think SteveFX DX10 Fixer is for Dx10 utilities, but I dont know about Shader Upgrades. thanks
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