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  1. For some reason i thought it was also an FMC option, but yes, i understand the reason why it's not, that obviously makes sense.Thanks for clearing that up.
  2. Ryan, i have a quick question. What happens if i use a non-WL livery on an aircraft with winglets . Will they just be "blank" but work just fine ? Is there some kind of limitation that allows us to "activate" winglets only if the repaint allows it ?Thanks in advance for the answer and thank you for the list of course.
  3. Hello>Can RC4 be installed on a drive other than c:? Yes, even on another computer if you want and if you have WideFS> If so, are there still files that will be installed on c:, and, if so,>what is the total size of files installed on c:?I think the only files installed on c: are Visual Basic runtimes if you don't already have them... really small filesVincent
  4. HelloIs this true for every FS2Crew product ? Are we able tu use FS2Crew from the VC of the PMDG 737 or 747 too ?Thank you for the answer.Vincent
  5. HiThank you for this very complete article, very helpful... i'll try everything when i get my new computer... until then, my FSX will stay ugly on my old system but it allows me to test some compatibility issues :)By the way, you can already use the traffic generated by Ultimate Traffic... if somebody is interested :- create a folder called (for example) AIAircraft in the main FSX folder (or in any subfolder in fact)- copy/past all your AI aircaft (from Flight1, Aardvark, FSP, EvolveAI, ...) from FS9 to the new folder- open FSX.cfg, ine the [main] section, add the following lineSimObjectPaths.6=AIAircraft(of course, replace "6" by the next unused number in your cfg file ; replace "AIArcaft" by the name of the new folder, if your new folder is a subfolder, then you have to include the parent folders, for example "SimobjectsAIArcraft")- copy/paste traffic.bgl from FS9/scenery/world/scenery to FSX/scenery/worl/scenery- find USEnglishBig.gvp in your FS9 folders and paste it to FSX/Sound/ATC- start FSX and enjoy your trafficif you have error messages when loading FSX, it's because you have 2 aircraft with the same title... you can fix it by editing your aircraft.cfg files.
  6. eclipz


    Hello.The answer is "no". A new 737 is being developped for FS X.You can read this :http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...id=109900&page=and this :http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...id=121209&page=
  7. Hi.Will ActiveSky 6.5 still be compatible with FS 9 ? If not, will we have a way to keep AS6 for FS9 and install AS6.5 for FS X ?
  8. HelloSo, if we have FS9 and FS X on the same computer, we won't be able to use RC4 with both, right ? Maybe if we copy/paste RC4.2's folder and then update only one of them ? Any potential problem with registration keys ?
  9. That's right, the big winglets on the first picture are being compared with curved winglets... thens they'll choose the best design...http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1086051/L/http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1070921/L/Personnaly i think they look better but i don't know if they are more efficient...
  10. :-bang I want a brand new MD-11... this one has been used before, somebody put there fingers on it, i can see it !!! lol ! just kidding of course... it's really an AMAZING job.Have a nice day.
  11. Is your internet connection active ?Do you have a firewall ? Is its configuration OK to let the installer send your data ?Do you use XP home edition or another OS ?Vincent
  12. HelloWhat do you mean by "it does not run" ?I think it would be helpfull to detail your problem.Vincent
  13. >Vincent,>>So you fly one of those with the autothrottle in all they way>to the ground? Sounds scary!>One of our 340-600 had a tail stike on landing a couple of>years ago,because i think it was the case they had the AP in>and AT out,or maybe it was the other way round, but as a pilot>I like control of both.>>cheers>>JonIt's the same with a 320... so i don't really understand why you say that a 320 is better than a 737 (if you were talking from a pilot point of view). The length of the 346 can be a real problem talking about tail strikes. Airbus and Boeing planes are based on 2 different philosophies, not sure that one is better than the other one, not sure A or B planes are more reliable, not sure they are safer... then, like it or not is another thing, every one is free to have his own opinion and i understand those who dislike the "airbus philosphy" but i think we can't consider it as faults ("it's not a bug, it's a feature").Aren't we a little bit off topic ? ;)Vincent
  14. >French are>always suspicious so it depends a lot on the approach to>things.>Rhoooooooo Airbus is not french, it's European... but i am french and surely very suspicious, all americans are spies, i know it ! lol :)To answer to jon_b, i fully disagree, you seem to affirm the A340 is a best seller... unfortunately, it's the opposite... considering orders, the A340 is a very poor seller and the 777 is a "must-have".About pilots and engineers complaining, i'd really like to know why... airbus planes are probably as reliable as boeing planes, a lot of pilots (from what i read) like to fly A3xx planes and flying an A320 or an A340 is almost the same... so why would they appreciate the 320 and not the 340 ? The only problem of the 340 is that it's more expensive to operate than a 777... 4 engines instead of 2... not really pilots or engineers concern...>I bought the PSS 340 a couple of years ago when I though I`d have to >go over to the airbus for a command, it scared me, I couldn`t work >out what the thing was up to,and using a throttle quad if the engines>were slightly out of sync I`d end up going sidewardsi assume you know that all "modern" airbus planes are equiped with auto-thrust systems so the throttle system of FS can't be used to have a realistic approach of this specific auto-thrust system... when you use a PSS plane, you must not use your throttles but keyboard keys to move from a position (Rev, Idle, Clb, Flex, Toga) to another one : '-' and '+'... as in the real plane, the PSS 340 has only 5 thrust positions.Vincent
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