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Flight Tuning Change

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G'day Guys, If you find the elevator, pitch and trim effectiveness not like the real aircraft then try the following changes to the [flight tuning] section in the aircraft.cfg. I found the default settings require far too much back pressure on the yoke to maintain altitude in a level turn. These are my adjustments, try it and see the improvement. [flight_tuning]cruise_lift_scalar = 1.0parasite_drag_scalar = 1.0induced_drag_scalar = 1.0elevator_effectiveness = 7.000 //1.0aileron_effectiveness = 1.0rudder_effectiveness = 1.0pitch_stability = 3.500 //1.0roll_stability = 1.0yaw_stability = 1.0elevator_trim_effectiveness = 2.8 //1.0aileron_trim_effectiveness = 1.0rudder_trim_effectiveness = 1.0 Cheers,Delf

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