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  1. Hi Guys, Been searching for the Setup Wizard in version 7.42 or is it hidden away? ( reference to it appears in the manual still) I have VoxATC installed in C:\Program Files by default maybe I should do a fresh install to C:\Program Files (x86)? If I go to Start\ All Programs\ VoxATC P3D 4 I find the file is "Empty" , was hoping it would have the Wizard there. During installation I used the VoxATC P3D 4 Windows Installer not the Application Set Up, does that make any difference? My system Windows7 64bit, P3D v4.3 with Prosim737 v2.11 Rgds Deefa
  2. Hi Jay, Many thanks for the PM reply and your response to the issues I have with Speech2Go. The Speech2Go voices are free trial and expire in 30days. Noted your advice to consider moving to Windows 10. Regards Derek
  3. If I remove the VoxATC default voices and install Speech2Go Brian plus others I have a Fatal Error response. Have tried a mixture of the VoxATC voices and Speech2Go and once again a Fatal Error. If I run with the VoxPop voice package opens with NO Fatal Error message. Why? Off Topic now. I have just downloaded VoxATC version 7.42. When I unzip the folder I see the normal set up and install files there but also Applicaton Data, Issetup Prereqist, P3D4, Personal and Program Files 64 (folders). Are these update files for 64bit system? Do we need to update 7.42 with them? My system ,,,,,,,,, Win7 64bit, Prepar3D 4.3, Prosim737 version 2.11. ORBX AI package
  4. G'day Artem,It certainly did fix the problem, many thanks for the prompt reply and solution.Delf
  5. I just have the one "PMDG 737NGX" and inside "ident lua" I have..............simfolder="PMDG 737-800NGX WL"
  6. Hi Artem,Allocated functions and saved each in LINDA with FSX running while in the PMDG737-800WL, all runs perfectly in that model. I have been back to check if I missed something and cannot identify anything but there again I am unfamiliar with the set-up.If I have FSX running with the PMDG737-600 running and open LINDA and select FSXsync none of the overhead switching I have saved for the 800 appears in the assigning joystick box.I am obviously going wrong somewhere, been through the Manual several times.Any assistance would be appreciatedDelf
  7. Have the forward overhead panel connected to the PMDG 737 NGX using module version 1.6 and all switches function perfectly for the 800 aircraft model but not the 600.Could a module be written for the PMDG 737-600?Delf
  8. Requesting assistance with a way around the FSX SimConnect problems associated with GoFlight config.It would seem FSX does'nt recognize either the GoFlight GFConfig or GFDevFSX.exe, maybe both. Other Forums place the blame on Simconnect.I recently deleted the X86 found in WinSxS folder and ran the FSX CD in Repair to install fresh copy of the file but that did nothing.The problem is I can longer allocate buttons/levers through the GoFlight Config.exe or rather FSX does not recognize them. I have deleted all FSX control function to GFTQ6 prior to selecting those in the GF config progy.Is the fault with Simconnect or a corrupt GFDevFSX Data Bridge? What is the fix??Any assistance would be appreciated, GoFlight and FS9 function normally.Cheers,Derek
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