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I have a water problem, please help!

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Guys check this outSystemWin 7 x642500k OC @ 5.0GTX 480 1.2g8 g DDR 1600 mhzWD 1T HD 64 cache ( I think)FSX Acc Normally I do not have performance issue on this computer, I run conservative settins so that I can fly ANYWHERE in the world without touching anything and not having to worry about FPS. Here the setup; when I'm flying so of my Coastal routes (in any airplane) over ORBX AU when I look over the coast to see the water my FPS drop quite a bit. I'm using REX 2.0 OD Water (Theme: Sparkling), FS Water Config (Setting: John), FSX Water: Low 2x and Text. Max Load at 4096 (but REX is at 2048..reason for that is I like the NGX cockpit in 4096 and the water to be half that to save me some VRAM). Over land I get great FPS, even in some dense areas like Melbourne and Brisbane. When I look over the water, with the horizon in view I get 15 or FPS when I pan down and JUST have the water in view I get like 120FPS, the problem is why does it drop so much? I mean I can handle 15FPS I guess but not when it jerks between the two. I have tried FPS Limiter but that thing in has casued me a whole bunch of problem and I like to avoid it by all means and like I said; I get GREAT visual/performance over land. It's almost as if because the water is the "ocean" and its span vast distances it just too much for my computer to handle.I don't have this problem over lakes, its just HUGE bodies of water. I have tried some things; not using REX or FSWC or lowering my settings in FSX; low 1x (FSWC requires 2X I think to work) and I'm extremely happy with the way it looks and I dont really want to change the water. I have alos tried many many different kinds of AA and Inspector setting but they all seems to give me the same results. Anways if you guys can give me any ounce of help that would be fantastic and I would much appreciate it. Maybe Bojete's water tweak? I've heard of it but never used it and dont know where to find the latest updated version of it, is it compatible with REX? etc etc. Im just all out of ideas! Thanks for the help.Cheers

Ron Hamilton


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