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Inconsistant fuel plan figure

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Hey all as im moving with this tute, i was wondering why im getting different lines in my calculations than toms. It asks me to enter the "final" resereve figure into FMC but in my plan i cant see the line final reserve, See below: Toms: ===================================================================== Houston to Los Angeles // B738 // 1195.3 NM --------------------------------------------------------------------- Departing : George Bush Intercontinental Airport (KIAH) Arriving : Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) Equipment : Boeing 737-800 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Description Fuel (LBS) Fuel (LBS) Hours:Mins --------------------- ---------- ---------- --------- ----------- Estimated Fuel Usage:.............. 17080 <- EFU -> 03:30 Reserves Final reserve 2560 Diversion 2240 Contingency 854 Total reserves:................... 5654 <- RSV -> 01:28 ---------- ---------- Fuel On Board:..................... 22734 <- FOB -> 04:46 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Rule: FAR Domestic | Basis: time | Load Factor: 61.4133 --------------------------------------------------------------------- FUELPLAN² Copyright 2008-2010 by Garen .AT. AeroTexas .DOT. com Mine: <pre>elbourne to Sydney // B738 // 380.7 NM---------------------------------------------------------------------Departing : Melbourne Intl (YMML)Arriving : Sydney Intl (YSSY)Equipment : Boeing 737-800---------------------------------------------------------------------Description Fuel (LBS) Fuel (LBS) Hours:Mins--------------------- ---------- ---------- --------- -----------Estimated Fuel Usage:.............. 9176 <- EFU -> 01:18Reserves Holding 3502 Diversion 5254 Contingency 897 Total reserves:................... 9653 <- RSV -> 01:22 ---------- ----------Fuel On Board:..................... 18829 <- FOB -> 02:41---------------------------------------------------------------------Rule: FAR Domestic | Basis: time | Load Factor: 78.2338---------------------------------------------------------------------FUELPLAN² Copyright 2008-2010 by Garen .AT. AeroTexas .DOT. com</pre> Completely different no line saying final reserve?? any ideas? What should i put in, in its place?



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First off. Different countries have different rules. You're using American rules I think. For Australian's, this document is absolute. http://www.casa.gov....s/ops/234_1.pdf Now... you could fart arse around with another country's rules and regulations, or, you can take a very educated guesstimate from me, and make your fuel load just that little extra bit more realistic. I work for one of Australia's biggest airlines, and yes, we have 737-800's (disclosing this info not to gloat, but to let you know I haven't plucked these figures from thin air). I'll refrain from disposing of specific data, but an estimated "Planned Fuel" figure that crops up 99.9999% for my airlines 737-800's for your specified route - YMML to YSSY - is usually, but not always between 6 and 8 tonne (we work with Kilograms and not Pounds). I always load 7 tonne for YMML to YSSY. Be aware that the 6 to 8 tonne guesstimate doesn't include Diversion Fuel, or Contingency Fuel. (Not required in most cases; the above document states that these fuel figures needn't be carried unless required). What it does include is guesstimated hold time fuel, guesstimated flight fuel, guesstimated approach fuel, fixed fuel reserve etc. (It's all contained in the above document). If, before you depart, you feel that there is a possibility of a diversion, pi$$ weak weather, bucket loads of traffic (did someone say Western Ring Rd); add however much fuel you reckon you'll need - as the captain, just as in real life, you determine how much fuel you carry. With all that said, I usually put any where between 1 and 2 as my "RESERVES" (I usually put 1.5 - or if I've made a proper flight plan, it'd be Variable Fuel Reserve + Fixed Fuel Reserve). Hope I helped a bit. Cherry-o! Ashley Frew.

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